Spider-Man out of the MCU because Sony is run by literal bricks

My question is though, will they use the foundation built to create a better universe or will they let the foundation set by the prior deal rot?

From my understanding Sonyverse isn’t apart of MCU at all. So they would have to start this Spider-Man’s character development back over (with no mention of Infinity War, Endgame, etc). Wouldn’t be hard, just jarring.

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Disney also offered to pay for half of the production cost, I haven’t seen that bit mentioned a lot.


To add my hat in the ring, Disney wanted to pull Kevin Feige off if the deal remained “as is” and Feige being part of the Spider MCU was a big point in Sony negotiating with Disney. When Sony refused the 50/50 deal, Disney said “fine, no Feige then” and now we’re here.

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Which sucks as Feige is obviously a huge part of why the MCU has been so successful.


I think you kiddos forget that sony bought spidey in 2000 for 2bn. Disney nor Marvel have any rights to claim, and seeing that they treated comic book industry leaders like garbage. I side with Sony.
Further more if it wasn’t for the spidey acquisition Marvel would have gone bankrupt. So you owe Sony for the MCU in the first place.

Yeah except for Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2…

No excuse for either.


Those are debatable fact. The fact is spiderman 3 still made a billion in box office. Andrew Garfield was DoA. And to be fair Tom Holland does a subpar job.

Disagree on all 3 points. :man_shrugging:

Both Sony only spider attempts reeked of studio involvement, especially S3.

Holland is the only Parker to actually be young enough to be the hero. Tobey was way too old, and Andrew was way too attractive.


Well you’re entitled to you opinion, no matter how silly Like it or not if it wasn’t for spiderman 1-3, they would’ve never of made iron man. Which leads directly into MCU. Which give Sony more than the right to tell both disney/marvel to btfo

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Unless there’s irrefutable proof, I’ll continue to disagree.

Purchasing the IP rights is one thing. Saying that without Spider-Man 3 there’d be no Iron Man is another.

Edit: IP purchased in 1999, spider-man premiered in 02, Iron Man premiered in 07.

Well, no, it made 890.9 million. And, frankly, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass how much it makes, I just care if it’s a good film or not.

That was hardly the worst thing about those films.

He does not.

That’s a bold claim. Care to back that up in any capacity whatsoever? Because even if Iron Man is still Marvel, he was a B-list hero at the time IM1 came out and his success wouldn’t really have had the least thing to do with Spider-Man’s popularity. It’s not like superheroes weren’t popular at the time; the Dark Knight trilogy was still going.


Venom in the MCU


I’m sure this this will work out eventually. I know sony can be really stupid and disney is way too greedy for their own good, but this would be a bad thing for both sides. If it doesn’t come out to some sort of new deal, both sides will lose in some way.


They didnt so much buy as the used contracts to steal him away .


Actually, if it wasn’t for DAREDEVIL we wouldn’t have Iron Man lol
Jon Favreau was in the movie with Ben Affleck, and during that movie he met Avi Arad (CEO of Marvel Studios).