Spider-Man out of the MCU because Sony is run by literal bricks

TL;DR Disney and Marvel wanted a 50/50 cut from Spider-Man film profits (up from 5%) and Sony, forgetting the MCU is literally the biggest film franchise around right now, pulls out of the deal and fucks themselves in the bum with a morningstar because the concept of giving more money to the company that fucking made this character is just too much for them to handle.

Seriously, it’s bad when I’m siding with DISNEY on this one. FUCKING. DISNEY.

EDIT: Also, the worst part is, the FFH credits set up JJJ as an Alex Jones parody, implying the next movie would focus on the media and fake news, which would be PERFECT for the Venom crossover Sony’s expressed interest in because of Eddie Brock’s role as an honest journalist. Now, that crossover won’t have Feige’s blessing and won’t be canon to the MCU, and is entirely likely to suck given Sony’s track record. What the actual fuck? Capitalism is totally fine, guys!


I’m sure they will work something out. Those big companies like money too much not too.

You underestimate the stupidity corporations can display when short-term greed is an option they have the power to select.


Have faith brother. Disney has The Force

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Eh. Whatevs. Both Sony’s latest Spidey films and the MCU’s have been such a cringe fest for me, I don’t even care who owns the property anymore. I don’t like any of them.

Well…its right there.Who in their right minds would go from 5% to 50% wtf.They are not idiots.They can make movies themselves.And i’m pretty sure this is more of a negotiation tactic.Both Disney and Sony know they have to work together, they are just chasing the better deal.They know Disney wanted to make Spiderman the new Ironman and Sony is not stupid.



I’m sure they will work something out. Marvel will have to rewrite a lot of things to come and it will mess up a lot of plans and piss off fans.

I think Marvel know what they’re doing here, technically speaking there is no need for Spider-man to continue in the MCU, Far From Home basically gave the MCU the opportunity to say “Yeah, Spider-man? I mean he basically chose to just be a beat cop in super hero terms.” They don’t have to write him out, they don’t have to explain anything… they can basically just ignore him.

And they haven’t been horrible about it either, because while Sony wouldn’t be able to reference MCU stuff any more, they are also pretty set for just a local, New York based, super hero film.

What Disney have put to Sony here is whether Sony thinks they can make the same amount of money, even accounting for the 45% less cut that Marvel’s demands would have meant, without having the crutch of the MCU. I’m pretty sure that Sony were looking for a creative reboot and Marvel gave it to them. It wasn’t in Marvel’s interest to see Spider-man languishing in poor story-telling anyway.

I’m not as confident as some that they’ll work it out. I think Sony can and will perform a final movie that is completely independent of the MCU in an effort to get their spider-verse full fledged. If they have the creative talent now to do it without Marvel producing then they have got everything they needed out of the arrangement. And hey… Marvel kind of got what they needed too. I don’t think they’re going to sit around rueing the loss of Spider-man from the roster, they seem pretty happy with mining every depth possible, and it may well be the extraction of the rights for the Fantastic Four and X-Men that has had them take a “go big or go home” attitude to their arrangement with Sony.

Animosity towards Sony is understandable but I would want to wait and see what they decide to do if this is the new landscape. As I said above, there’s no reason to reboot Spider-man, not with the amount that they have invested in this alongside Marvel, and the success they’ve got from that. I think that if people end up having bad blood over a third Holland-fronted Spider-man movie simply because it isn’t in the MCU then I wonder what their love for the first two Spider-man films was anyway?

While there are obvious story ties to the MCU, to give some weight to a character without having to rehash the Uncle Ben storyline, both Spider-man movies have stood on their own two feet. Iron Man appearing, Happy and the Stark business being a backbone… these are just plot points that aren’t integral to the success that is Holland hitting a home run in how he’s playing Peter and a tonal shift in the telling of Spider-man stories that takes it away from previous failed trends.

tl;dr: MCU and Spider-man technically got everything wrapped up at the end of Far From Home, and both parties can reasonably walk away without canning the current Spider-man franchise. Edit: But TBH I’d still be surprised if they did, why close off financially successful avenues in either direction?


Next week’s headline:
Disney in talks to acquire Sony Corporation


The primary issue here is that Marvel can’t use their own character anymore. Spider-Man, as one of the most ubiquitous superheroes or even characters ever, is iconically associated with the lineup of sister franchises in Marvel’s repertoire. Moving on to fill Tony’s shoes is also a big part of Peter’s character arc in the MCU, and going forward from here means just up-and-fucking dropping everything to do with him, SHIELD, and everything else important to the character and franchise post-MCU. The New Avengers will have to just go on without one of the most important characters in comic book history, which is bullshit.

On top of this, FFH’s credits left us with a cliffhanger, so either Spider-Man just ends in the MCU and in this incarnation of himself with no resolution, or Spider-Man continues while dropping everything established up to this point with the exception of a Venom crossover. What’s more, there’s no evidence whatsoever that Sony can make a good Spider-Man movie on their own these days. The MCU’s offered a good sense of direction and tact for the franchise for the most part up to now; without Feige’s backing on some level, any more Spider-Man films are probably just going to try and fail to emulate the success of previous films without having any comprehension of where that success came from.


I think Marvel are past the point that it matters, if they really aren’t going to make money off of the character. They can’t use Tony Stark any more either, or Natasha, or Steve Rogers. They have also introduced relatively small characters without issue and seen them become household names. I don’t think that their priorities right now (post Fox deal) are the same as they were before Civil War.

I’m not saying that fans won’t be disappointed, because fans are want to make themselves angry about anything, but I am saying I don’t think fans need to be disappointed before something objectively disappointing actually happens. I am sure that if Sony do another Spider-man film with Holland the “fans” will mount their usual campaign to try to bomb the film, regardless of how good it actually is.

Ultimately there is no evidence that, given the foundations that Marvel’s involvement has provided, that further Spider-man films wouldn’t be good. I don’t know what the contracts and everything would end up stipulating, but my understanding is that the creative people (screenwriters, whatever) are not going to suddenly be banned from writing Spider-man films.

I think that people are instinctively moving to fear and panic rather than considering what the realities of a post-Marvel/Sony agreement would actually entail.

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There’s no more stories to tell about Tony or Natasha because they’re oof’d, and Steve has retired entirely. Their arcs are complete. Peter was only on the second leg of his arc.

I didn’t really grow up with Marvel, so I have no right to speak for the fandom, but I will say that even as a casual fan of the MCU, I’m disappointed that one of Marvel’s most iconic characters is now cut off from most of the franchises and from the company that have come to define him. Being interconnected with a shitton of characters and teams with their own web of overlapping and opposed agendas defines shared universes like Marvel’s, and it’s a shame that Spidey can’t be a part of that anymore when he was part of the movement that got that started.

I mean, there is there most recent attempt at doing one on their own, and that was, uh…well…I think if you’ve seen 'em, you can tell what’s wrong with 'em. The second one, in particular.

Also, another bad side effect, and one that’s been joked about but which really should be addressed:

Disney wants a monopoly, and we may see the return of the dreaded trust movement of the '20s if they aren’t stopped. Now that Sony has one really big property Disney undoubtedly wants, they may be next on the chopping block. Anything that staves off Disney buying yet another huge corporation is good, and not being able to cooperate with Sony means Disney can only get what they want through buying them.

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It’s actually Disney’s fault here. They get 100% merchandising profits from all Spider-Man related stuff; 5% from movies while Sony gets 95%. Asking for 50% of the profit from the movies is way too high (and yes, Sony does not deserve to have Spider-Man, the only legitimately good Spider-Man related thing they’ve made recently is Spider-Verse only because Sony stayed away from it).

To put this in perspective this means Sony is going to make a lot less while Disney makes way more (they get much of the same profit just from the merchandise).

Asking Sony to give Disney 50% when they do not even own the property is definitely not worth it it’s no wonder Sony walked.

Hope they figure this out though, I really, really like MCU Spider-Man :frowning:


I’m not going to judge the future based on the past when there is evidence of them both understanding how the past was shit and what they needed to do to make it better. Sony made a big call in getting in to bed with Marvel on Spider-man, a very ego-less call. Looking at their old films as an example of what they would do in the future, given that experience, seems nitpicky to me. Ironic in an interesting way too since Disney themselves went on this kind of journey that Sony have found themselves in as well, with the 00’s output that severely dented their credibility. Right now no-one looks at those films as an example of why Disney are going to put out creatively bad output in the future…

Look, I’m not saying it won’t be bad, I’m just saying there is no reason to prejudge. Let’s see what happens if, and as I said above I think it is the lesser chance, Marvel and Sony don’t find a deal and judge it on its own merits. That’s all. I don’t think Spider-man fans have to be disappointed as long as there are good Spider-man stories. Spider-man is out there with one of the best rogues galleries in Marvel and can 100% operate without the MCU being a part of the story structure, and there are many ways to take a character, especially when all that has really happened to how Spider-man is set up right now is to have all but erased Uncle Ben and replaced him with Tony Stark. Hardly a stroke of creative genius.

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Possibly a new deal. With a source from Tom Hollands Instagram.


Marvel also wanted creative control, and 50/50 on any future spinoffs and creative control. Spiderman is the biggest property to own… I dont blame sony for not accepting a bad business deal.


Yeah, after looking more into it, it looks like Sony wanted to go back to the first deal, but then Disney backed out to flex. So, yeah, water is wet, Scout hurts people, and Disney is the scum of the fucking Earth.


Venom will relocate to the MCU



Spider-Man was crap before Marvel/Disney cut that deal, so I say they deserve whatever they want out of a deal with Sony /shrug