Spicing up and tweaking current game modes


Win or lose always comes down to the skill of the players you’re up against. Many different tactics work on Nest, Rescue and Defense, it’s all about finding what you like best. And in no way do I, personally, think that any character in the game so far is blatantly just too powerful… that’s not what this about.

That said - Nest is not, objectively, a fair game mode for the monster. No matter what tactic you use, you’re always going to be at a disadvantage due to the mechanics of the game. Monster dies, game over. And that’s fine, of course. But in Nest it presents problems for the monster player. Problems that make the game mode completely unforgiving, and pretty much dooms him/her if that first S1 fight doesn’t go very well. I.e, killing key hunters to make the split pushing on eggs not possible for while.

You can of course wait and see which eggs are being attacked, feed on the way and if you find, say… Bucket, kill him and save that egg. This is time consuming for the monster though, as you don’t want to engage the healer at S1 unless alone. And the Assault is of course fine, it’s just a gamble because the rest of the team might show up while you’re hacking away at the shield.
It also depends on how they split up, obviously. Most common I believe is that Bucket or Hank peels off and the remaining three stick together. It’s a great hunter tactic because it gives them time to take down at least 3 eggs before you’re S2. And there’s no guarantee the minion will go for the lone hunter if you break an egg. And that is just a wasted egg in this scenario if it doesn’t.

And it’s there the root of the problem with Nest lies, I believe. The hunters have a set goal, crystal clear and it can only change from ‘kill egg’ to ‘kill monster’. The monster however has to do almost everything in Nest as a gamble. Pop an egg or not? Do I have time to stage up, or even get full armor now? Which egg do I scout?
The only question you can reliably answer is if you have time to feed. The other examples are just gambles. Gambles that will most likely lose you the match if they don’t pay out. And, as always, there is the inherent nagging in the back of every monsters head, which is ‘I have to find food’. If you’re unlucky with wildlife… not much to do. That’s just the way it is. In Nest, though, you don’t have the luxury of looking for it for too long. Even though the timer is your side, time is not.

Rescue is more unfair for the hunters I think. I mainly play monster so I know it best from that perspective, but it doesn’t feel satisfying winning Rescue in the same way the other game modes feel. And since Rescue is pretty much never picked, it’s clear it needs something that makes it as intense as Hunt can be. Since it’s so rarely played it’s also hard find what the problem seem to be… perhaps you hunters ahve something to say about it?

Defense is basically alright… some changes to minions and/or turrets to make the hunters actually defend the generator and not just focus everything on the monster. Or at least so they have to split up in order to keep constant pressure on the monster if it retreats to armor up. The same way one hunter can peel off in Nest to quickly take out eggs, maybe one hunter have to stay back to help turrets with the minions, or they pop the turrets, or deal too much dmg to the generator… something like that.

I think some kind of special circumstance is needed in both Nest and Rescue, like there is in Defense, in order to make them intense on the same level as Hunt. In Defense you start at S3, you get minions, and the hunters have turrets and the generator. In Nest maybe the monster can start at S1 but will full armor? Not like they have eaten so the bar for evolving is half full - just full S1 armor. And in Rescue the NPCs seriously need to be as good at evading attacks as the minions are at landing them. At least. They’re like children you need to hold hands with when they cross the street or they’ll get hit by a bus.You can pretty much go S2 and full armor before even going after them as the monster, and when you do the hunters have to keep them alive as well as themselves. Not exactly fair either when they’re that useless… the NPCs, that is.

It’s a balancing act, this, with the game modes. Hunt does it very well. But Nest and Rescue need some factor that puts both monster and hunters on equal footing regardless of the objective, while at the same time keeping with the theme of the game, which is hunting monsters and hunting hunters… hunt. Yes.


My problem with Nest is really what you said it is like a gamble. I don’t really know how you could fix nest other than make the eggs stronger, because right now hunters can take them down rather fast. It’s not really fun from a monster side, because you have to move so fast, and some times just hope things fall into place.

Rescue the AI right now just is not very great so no hunter team wants to play it. I really have not played much rescue since the first few days. No hunter team trying to win is going to vote rescue.

Defend I don’t have that many problems with I really haven’t played it that much against good hunter teams, so I can’t really say how it feels from the monster side. On the Hunter side of things I only have played a few good monsters. I can’t really say how I feel about defend I need to play some better people before I really want to judge it.

IMO right now I don’t really think the other gamemodes are fun right now for a monster. Since I can only really play them in evac, and most evac games people either leave or I join late on day 4 and 5 losing.


It’s pretty balanced I believe… Think about it. In nest as a monster you have a minion fighting on your side. That’s one extra nuisance the hunters may have to deal with while trying to mange time and the actual monster itself. Can be done I think. Where as in rescue the hunters do not have to worry about a monster minions while trying to do a mission, their only mission is to revive the survivors and get them on one piece to the drop shop… Perspective is a bitch but it has many sides.


I just don’t see them as balanced right now to play them. Nest a good hunter team will take your minion down so fast even with you attacking with it. Markov and bucket are two that good hunter teams will always take and a minion is not smart enough to avoid a mine field or turrets. As nest is right now you almost have to attack with a minion at stage 1 .As for rescue I can’t even play it anymore after the first few days no one votes for it anymore because of the bad AI.


Yeah but the minion is easy to take down if focused. And it sets off after the nearest hunter instantly so you have no choice but to follow it, instead of it following you. Not to mention the fact that you lose an egg for doing it, which in itself isn’t unfair per se, but it is a gamble.