Spending more time on the forums than I play Evolve


What the title says…



I think I have too, I don’t feel compelled to play after the new hunters were introduced. I thought I would want to play a ton but I don’t really want to play monster with the current balance (not a Kraken fan) and hunters get boring with the same teamcomp every game.


Heh, I’m sure it’ll balance out soon enough, if not already for some.


I hope the micro-patch is scheduled for Monday, lol. I want to play Behemoth and NOT feel like I’m gimping myself.


I refuse to play against pubs as Monster at all until some changes are made :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess you are reffering to the matchmaking?


Nah, matchmaking is fine for me, (although I do struggle to get Monster matches) I just feel some of the new Hunters are too well rounded at the moment.


Matchmaking for me is durable but I still dislike it, its a bit better then before. Agree on the T4 hunters.


This annoys me to no end because when I play solo I can’t get monster at times to save my life and then when I play with friends NOBODY wants to play monster, every time someone joins, they leave when they see they are monster.

So I find it hard to believe there are no monster games out there.

And yes, too well rounded is exactly what is wrong with the new hunters. They have no definitive weakness like the others.


I’ve concluded that MM just trolls. I started putting Medic as fifth and always get it.


Just lel :stuck_out_tongue:


Same, haven’t had time to get on for a while.


I mean it is bad, but there is still plenty of room to win even as behemoth


whats wrong with goliath? or the new wraith? they beat tier 4 just fine.


by time its monday it is MORTAL KOMBAT X TIME


I have a premier tournament that night for mkx. gonna stomp some faces!!


That’s why I love that I’m a Jack of all trades. I love all 4 hunter rolls equally and I always tell my team that I’m fine with any role as long as you let me switch around. Hate playing monster against friends though, I hate sitting in silence for 10-20 minutes at a time. I bought Evolve for the social aspects and teamwork.


Well aren’t you talented. :wink:

I mainly enjoy Monster because of the rush of power it gives. Fun.


I started as playing 75% and trolling 5%, now I’m lurking 75% and playing 5%…

All the monsters are pretty much broken at the moment. The only people winning as monsters are the 1% that are very dedicated to playing the monster and know their ins & outs very well. The rest have monster chosen as option 5 and just aren’t interested.

Even kraken (while awesome) winning an elleged 80% of the matches, is just an easier monster this current build because it was the most mobile BEFORE mobility because the name of the game. Now any immobile monster is just bait.

It’s just not fun… It’s frustrating. As a non-pro casual monster player, I just don’t stand a chance anymore as Goliath, Behemoth, or Kraken unless the PUB is absolutely TERRIBLE… Which is happening less and less as I advance to 40.


I agree to this. I consider myself a higher tier monster player. but after running into a good team and clashing for a bit. 3,4 games and im spent. I cant focus hardcore for that long lol. and if you dont, you lose lol. my downtime is playing hunter or switching games. but 3-4 good matches and im off.