SPEED HACKER IN RANKED HUNT, please investigate

Please investigate the monster in this screenshot: [removed due to name and shame]

All of his abilities and attacks were performed at 5x speed and his movement often warped very far, despite only 100 ms ping.

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Might want to censor the name, calling out names on the forums isn’t allowed. This isn’t where you report hackers. :confused:

screw that I just lost 15 rank points to that asshole

honestly I feel like I’m doing a public service. If you’re in a game with this guy- back out!

Still isn’t allowed…

Um, @MidnightRoses might be better to talk on this matter than I am. O.o

Do you have video evidence? A screenshot can’t show his movement :s


If you have video evidence, you should take it and report it to 2K, and report his account on the system you were playing on.

I wish. Trust me, there’s no doubt. His charge, rock throws, and autoattacks were moving at lightning speed, the entire game.

Alright. The most you can do is indeed send a ticket to 2K support, they’ll take it from there. :confused:

Locking the thread for name amd shame. Contact support directly.