Speculation: Why Evolve?


As some of us may know the original name for the game we all love was Metamorphosis. Perhaps this name change was made so that no one would be confused what the game has anything to do with Franz Kafka’s novella, but that remains to be known. What is know is that the game is now called Evolve, but are these monsters Evolving? No, they’re going through a metamorphosis, which brings me to my theory. What if they already evolved?

As we know the monsters attacking Shear are alien in nature and do no belong there, but what if they did belong there? What if they’re simply visitors from the future? Shear’s far future where the wildlife has evolved due to the humans being wiped out (possibly by the monsters that were sent back to the past creating a stable time loop that might be broken if the hunters succeed).

Assuming this is the case I believe that Goliaths are the evolution of Reavers, Krakens of Mammoth Birds or perhaps cephladons, Wraith of a Canyon Strider, and Behemoth of a Mega Mouth. I think this based on their body type and mouths (surprisingly the mouth of these pairs are very similar).

Feel free to share your own opinions or tell me why I’m full of shit, I’d love to hear it all.


It’s easier to say, and I’m sure you’ve noticed how they make “Evolve” turn into 4v1.
That’s two reasons off the top of my head.


Why would the Mammoth Bird evolve into a Kraken. He’s already at his top tier, turning into Kraken would make worthless.


I think metamorphosis implies changing form or appearance. Here monsters don’t exactly “evolve” but it’s the closest term to what they undergo. They gain more abilities and improve themselves, while also looking a little different.
IMHO “Metamorphosis” would be a bad name for any game.


Honestly, I wasn’t actually asking why it’s called Evolve and not Metamorphosis, I just wanted to segway into my theory and share my Kafka joke.

But seriously @TheDumbassGamer I have to agree with you there. I’ve been killed by mammoth birds on multiple occasions as both hunter and monster. Those guys are OP.


Because “Metamorphosis” sounds a little cluttered, not as catchy as “Evolve.”

Plus it needs to be Evolve so they can do the-


:medic: :support: :assault: :trapper: V :monster:



No… Kraken’s 4th stage is a mammoth bird. Mammoth birds are gods.


Lil bastards attacked me when I was in UAV mode.


And then ran when you tried to blow them up? Yeah, I get that too.

Nice new profile pic by the way.


My only strike against a “roll all day” Behemoth was due to knocking myself over into a trio of Mammoth birds+a Nomad by getting to close to my own Arty strike … Was down before I could say “Mammoth”

Shame we do not have hunter comments about mammoth birds like we have for plants or megamouths :slight_smile:

Hyde : “Mammothfucking bird here, stay away”
Caira : “Don’t worry guys they’re normally dociZap Ouch”
Griff : “Forget the Orion Terrorsaur, these are the real meanies”
Crow : “mmmmmh”


The monsters do evolve. Evolution is when a creature changes to suit its needs, which in this case is kicking hunter ass.


ThNks.10 chars


Holy crap. That is genius!


It is known. Which rolls off the tongue better? Metamorphosis, or Evolve?

Makes sense.

That’s what I’m going with.

Not too sure about that one. I’ve been thinking Phantom, but eh. I could be wrong.

This is the only one I really don’t agree with. Have you ever seen an Obsidian Beetle? Those are WAYYY more similar to Behemoth than Megamouths.


I Like this idea. I think it’s quite accurate myself…