Speculate away folks New audio Clips Teased


@Shaners Is deciding to tease us with these here.

Speculate Awayyyyyyyyyyy

I think it could be the new support and medic. The voices I have never heard before.

Original post:

Watch this video; Gorgon video
T5 and the CMET Connection
Tier 5 Support,Medic and Gorgon Theory
Tier 5 Support,Medic and Gorgon Theory
Fifth monster Reveal teaser : Happy Halloween [New Version 4 updated 10/28/15]
Gorgon audio: could they have been tier 5s support and medic?
Emet First Looks / Abilities Revealed!

Who are they? T5 medic and support maybe :open_mouth:


Shane just dropped the SOUND CLIP BOMB!

So, listened through a couple of times, and we can easily assume that the female voice talking there is one of the T5 Hunters left to announce. It is possible that the male voice is also a T5 Hunter, however I am not certain since he doesn’t sound that pleased about the whole ‘Going to Shear’ thing.

Now, it feels likely that the Female voice is actually the T5 Support, as the figure on the silhouette for the teaser is quite feminine, however it is possible that she might also be the Medic. (We’ve been tricked before, Jack certainly didn’t look like a kid in his one.) The reason I think that the female voice might also be the medic, or maybe it is just the Support having some kind of medical or scientific background, is that the voice talks about retrieving a sample.

Also, this part really got me. ‘It’s the only Monster we have never gotten a live sample from’. Wait… Yeah, you heard right. LIVE. Does that mean they have had samples from this thing before? We already knew that Ebonstar knew about Monsters way before this event began, so unless there are other companies or corporations who have been studying the Monsters and their origin’s/anatomy, you guessed it, the T5 Support and Medic (If the male voice is also one of the T5) work for Ebonstar for their Research and Development.

To be honest, I think we already knew that Ebonstar have been up to no good for quite some time now, between the Ajax and the fact they had a whole facility ready to trap a Live Wraith, Ebonstar know way too much about this whole event to be uninvolved.


It sounds like they got live samples of whatever (dan, actual cells, embros, etc.) from the other monsters


New Support and Medic come from another planet (obviously) they are the ones who sent the Code at the end of the Credits the Emetlink thingy!


Also is Chapel Colony on Factor or another unknown Planet?


Probably a separate planet.


This is crazy, I was just about to go to sleep. I’m glad I checked the forums :sweat_smile:


Colonies are usually 1 per planet by definition, so Chapel colony would be the colony for Chapel, Factor colony is for Factor and the lovely and ever sunny Shear colony is for Shear.


that doesn’t happen too much though :stuck_out_tongue:


How can I speculate when the voices in my head are screaming so loudly?


Tell 'em to shut up.

That’s what I do.

Bob doesn’t appreciate it much


This makes me think they might drop a hunter REALLY soon after Gorgon, then work through the winter on the support.


Oh ho ho. This is going to be fun.


They confirmed that only 1 Hunter won’t make it in 2015, so that gives them a little under 2 months!


I know. I don’t know when the support(i’m assuming last) is coming, but if they drop a double whammy tomorrow and announce the medic and Gorgon i’ll combust on the spot.


Unlikely, they hinted at some point that they will have medic out before christmas


hue hue hue :grin:


wait where? this line of stuff made no sense to me


Super stoked!!