Spectator mode


is there going to be a spectator mode for the both teams ? i assume that there will be a spectator for hunters if one of them dies.

instead im asking if there is going to be a spectator mode for the both teams player who could spectate both teams.

if the spec mode was made only for random matches you could join to watch any random match on the game menu just to see how people play.

This way cheating by using spec mode could be killed almost entirely because players could not choose the game they are spectating :slight_smile:

Anyway guys whatya think :D??


well this was also done in BF4 to catch cheaters and hackers,
so i think Evolve chould have this one so it will reduced amont af cheaters and hackers etc.


I had the same idea :3 it would reduce hackers a LOT :3


Definitely would love to see some sort of spectator option.


Glad to hear other people are behind this idea :3!


Would really like a cool spectator-mode for castings and such. Don´t know how well this game would perform on ESL but even if it doesn´t do well some casts will definitive come up.


Any info on this yet? For making montages spectator mode would be great!


I’d like to have spectator mode also. It would be awesome to be able to view a match and click between hunter player/monster screens so we can see what everyone is doing.


I think they should allow us to spectate whatever mode we would like. All they need to do is implement a 1-3 minute delay. This would help with Community Tournaments trying to stream their tournaments and shoutcast them. Also, it would be nice to be able to be able to spectate friends, which would also help for tutoring players from coaches, or team members. Also, saved replays would help this.


I thought I would give this post a little bump. I am curious if any developers may have info on this. :smile:


In full support of this. Ability to spectate matches is a really wonderful feature that so many games decide to forego now. Also a word of advice, don’t make it limited to custom matches only. Would be better to be shown available matches and be able to join at any time and watch (Unlike custom matches with an added spectator slot).


Spectating is a nice feature and a wanted one if this game should become an esports title too.


I shall continue supporting this thread, hope for it as well. Evolve is very much a spectator game and needs this


I love the idea of a spectator mode! :smiley:
I mentioned it in the suggested features thread as well. (didn’t see this thread at the time)

I will say though, I Don’t like the idea of a delay (or at least have the option to have it or not)
Having a delay (especially one more than about 5 seconds), makes things like watching and chatting with friends much less fun in my opinion. Having to say, “hey, something cool just happened, pay attention in 30 seconds” really kind of sucks (and is why I don’t stream to Twitch more often. :P)

Plus it eliminates the idea of things like coaching, which can be really helpful for new players and make learning the game with a friend a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

For competitive play I can understand people not wanting others to cheat and watch the match as a spectator and help out the hunters/monster with a god perspective, but at least in private matches (or as a toggle option like I said earlier), I think live spectating would be great.


this is needed in a game like this along with win poses for hunters and monsters and better death animations for monster


Great idea
We can than take some great pictures of Maps and wildlife and more…


I think its integral part of competitve play in most games so I’d be really happy to see that in Evolve if it hasn’t already been implemented. I want to see a large competitive seen evolve (budumtsh) but its always difficult without proper spectating support.


I would love to have a spectator-mode. It would fit in this game so well. It is very competitive so there will be tournaments and clan-wars and the spectator-mode would make castings possible.

So please Turtle-Rock dont make a mistake and dont forget to implement a spectator-mode.