Spectate Mode, Dev Question


I understand this may be something prohibited from discussion currently, but I remember wanting a spectate mode so bad so I didn’t have to listen to the loud announcer (whose name I’ve forgotten).

My question is will you have a spectator mode for main events, like tournaments? or even watching your friends play if they’re in a match before you login.

I also have an idea regarding such a thing, which would be cool in my opinion. What if to spectate you were the wildlife, and could switch between the wildlife? Or, since that might not be great for a fight, ghost-cam?

the possibilities are what you make them, and if the idea is cool then you can run with it ^^ maybe make it so that a specific wildlife creature is in the game that flocks when a fight breaks out?

Let us know, if possible! and anyone else who has an idea, feel free to post it with this thread ^^


ghost game would be a great idea, i would love the ability to fly around the map and follow my friends as they hunt, or watch them get hunted, though a delay would likely be needed, min or 2 would proably be enough of one to prevent any kind of potential cheating save for ghosting someone’s stream


Me I would love a spectator or theatre mode! Going on the “ghost game” mode or being able to “ghost” while you’re dead, you might be able to tell the others where the Monster is when you’re in a party chat with friends unless you could only view the other Hunters, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair if you could see what the Monster was doing as a “ghost”!


I would think that you couldn’t spectate as a game was in progress (Outside of maybe championships for tournament talk), but having randoms joining that could be ‘spies’ would hurt the game a lot. Not to mention have possible hackers that could do something while in spectate mode. That being said, I would love for a version of spectate after the fact mode where you could watch the game from any of the ‘5’ points of view. Perhaps have an option to ‘auto-record’ some/all games or flag games to record.

That way they could be used for demos, trainings, and self improvement. Sins of a Solar Empire does this pretty well with regards to recording your own games.


Somewhat along the lines of a spectate mode, having a free form camera would be good for the cinematic YouTubers. You can make some wicked movies when you’re not strictly limited to in-game player footage.


We can’t say much to this just yet – Can’t confirm or deny we’ll have this since the game is still in development :slight_smile: Apologies!


The fact that you said yet, and you decided to comment, tells me that it’s a big YES! :smiley:


The mode we’ve seen where you can click on each hunter, the monster and see they’re status/health gleans to the fact it’s probably likely or they spent alot of hours building a nice interface only not to use it.


I would love TRS to put out another interactive trailer, that was one of the most amazing videos ever


+1 a thousand times. I wish other games would do this as well. I think it is a REALLY cool technology and I hope more developers utilize it with Youtube.


I think I missed this. I assume it’s in the main links somewhere. Sounds interesting.


I agree, we haven’t really had any more tid-bits of info or any videos since they announced the alpha… I could use another video


It’ll have to be carefully created though, to make sure no one uses it to grass on the other team’s location mid game


Here you go, it allows you to watch a full match of Evolve as any character you want at any time in the match


@tommy290 Bear in mind it was set up, not an actual game they recorded and then showed.


The way you worded your response makes it sound like it isn’t actual gameplay. To clarify, if necessary, it is real gameplay with people playing, but the match was scripted to show off a lot of mechanics and to add suspense.


My favorite part was the guy getting eaten by the plant. I laughed a lot. :smiley:


I keep thinking about that random smash right after he Evolves… that means he decided to attack with no armor at all XD

Strange… they don’t have an icon for XD


They were right on top of him pretty much. He used it to cause confusion and try and escape in the process, but it didn’t work too well


but they didn’t seem to know he was there, he should have waited for them to pass him by :stuck_out_tongue: