Specific Damage Scale


Hey @MacMan @SlabOMeat, any plans to put out a spreadsheet or something similar with the health values of monsters and hunters and the damage of their weapons and abilities? I’d love some more info to put onto the wiki.


I would love to see values for damage and health. But I think Evolve becoming a numbers game might change the way people think of it in a possible negative way.


We know that all Hunters have 1600 Health. I know a few of the attacks, as confirmed by devs:
Rock Throw- 800
Lightning Strike- 700
Fissure- 350
Behemoth Heavy Melee- 350
Goliath Heavy Melee- 250


I know, I don’t mean for it to be a MMO-style min/max affair. I just would like a little bit more precision in knowing how my attacks influence the health of the opponent.

I’m a total numbers nerd. :smiley_cat:


What does “Heavy Melee” mean?

Nice, didn’t know some of those. I’d still like to know whether this kind of stuff will be widespread knowledge or not.


Do you know what level those attacks are for?


There are normal melee attacks and heavy melee attacks that deal more damage. Not sure how it’s done for Goliath but I’m pretty sure Wraith’s heavy melee attack is an uppercut that comes after warping. Basically it’s just a souped up melee attack, using the same button and everything.


I too would like a good spreadsheet of some sort, gots ta know ma numbas, calculation and precision create wins.


All values were for S3 Abilities- so maximum power.


Plz more info!!!


Lightning Strike isn’t even worth half a health pool? Man, I feel bad for it now :frowning: I mean, Kraken fighting at range should warrant his skills having less impact, but the wind up on the strike… It hit harder than that during the alpha didn’t it?


Previously 800. Still powerful though.


Yeah but… lightning!


I think it’s balanced now. Still very powerful, but not as… abusive… as before.


I’d be all for taking some damage from vortex and amping up Lightning Strike to 11!

Guess it’s balanced though, ranged monster and all… sigh