Special skins for certain encounters


So I was thinking it’d be cool if you got special skins for certain encounters for both hunters and monsters. I’m on Ps4 was with a team playing evacuation, and we where wining up until day 4. The mmonster quits and low behold who joins the number 1 kraken on Ps4 well just say things didn’t go our way anymore lol that being said I wish that the higher up you get on leader boards you should get a cool unique skin I’d like to give them something that stands out from the rest. Same goes to the hunters if you take out 1 of these monster players. What do you guys think or is that a bit unfair?


Seeing as the leaderboards enjoy resetting themselves as if saying SCREW YOU DEDICATED PLAYERS…I think it is unfair. And they mainly go off who plays most, not who plays well.

I think skins for different things would be better.


A skin similar to what Rockstar did with the Zombie skin would be cool… Somebody has already mentioned this in the past.
But let’s say for whoever plays on Halloween during the evening, let’s say a 4 hour window, is rewarded with a monster skin that has chunks of flesh missing, it’s bottom jaw gone and an eye missing. Onward from there, if you encounter and kill this monster, your own monsters are then infected.
It would start off small but eventually envelop the entire player base :scream:


True I just thought it be cool slaying a mighty beast and letting everyone know some how


That’s actually a really cool idea maybe the same could be done for hunter’s since they can respawn infinite times


Tenatively, I think this is what the elite skin is for… although you want to take it a step further.

Do you lose the skin when you drop in the ranks? Or do you keep it once earned? Is it given out weekly? Monthly?

I would like to see more skins, and a greater diversity of them. I’d like to see it based off achievements instead of advancement through the world ranking. Having an ability only the top X% can enjoy is going to piss off the casual players.


Going back to your idea, I think they should implement a ranked system where top 50 (or less depending on how rare this skin should be) monsters would recieve something unique.
Best the beast and your hunters weapons would use it’s skin on their weapons, like not a recolour but let’s say the monsters hide thrown over the weapon.
It’s a skin that would reward the monsters and also hunters that have slain the best of the best.

As @Forestlight just said, these skins are temporary for the hunters and only usable if you’re among the qualifying monsters!


No you’d be able to keep the skin i was just shouting out ideas. And achievements would probably be better just thought it’d be cool recognizing a player based on skill. Like oh shit there’s that kraken people talk about you know? Like a mobey dick sort of thing.


Hehe, I getcha… I would like to see more customization… as a matter of fact, a moby dick custom skin would be badass… albino goliath with harpoons and rigging sticking out of his body… epic.


Or even better, Albino Kraken with a harpoon cable looped around him and Griffin caught in it. :stuck_out_tongue:


This… I want this! :goliath_roar: