Special New Infected for "Back 4 Blood" Ideas


So with the announcement of Back 4 Blood I am hoping this game beats the game it is inspired from.

Honestly. I’m fine if they bring versus, co-op story mode and endless alone for this game. I don’t need any other mode but what l4d2 had was perfect for hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Now I expect more from the zombies, especially the special zombies.

So here are some ideas:

I would like that zombies had/did:



fire attacks




4 legs

regeneration (like resident evil’s regenerators or pale heads from the recent re2)

rage inducer (makes zombies around it stronger or faster)

weak point on its back (kind of like pinky)

one that walks on walls and on roof

swarmer (spawner)

hazmat (leave toxic cloud)

one that goes underground


plus all l4d2 special zombies


Hey! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the family.

I am hoping for MOD support of some type myself. We have a thread up already somewhere on here and it is full of ideas. I will find it and link it for you.


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I’m not a fan of those Magical Fantasy type of zombies.
I would be okay with normal mutated zombies that have a connection with Human psychology and diseases, like the Left 4 Dead ones.
Also why the hell should a zombie start teleporting, the hell is that? Please keep it realistic.

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"keep it realistic " random comment about a zombie. Lol

That aside you are saying you would like to see a zombie grounded by reality I.e no supernatural powers.

Well what if a zombie ate an electrical eel and then took on shock abilities?


That doesn’t make sense, why would a zombie eat an electrical eel in the first place?
“As far as we know Zombies can’t swim” -Bill #left-4-dead

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haha, that was just an example but it could happen… a zombie eating random things. Plus if they tried, zombies could walk the ocean depths.

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I disagree.

I rather lose realism in favor of gameplay. Too many games have “realistic” zombies already. Left 4 dead 2 is an arcade-ish shooter.

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YESH! yes it is, A creepy one at that.


@MissMurder This needs to be in the game… no ifs, ands, or buts.


So do you want an armadillo or an opossum or a combo of both?


well, the varmints in general. it would be neat to have them running around for who knows what purpose.

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Yes. Please and thank you.


Good answer :smiley:

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One of my favourite features of left 4 dead was the special infected and that they were also playable.
When designing special infected, Im sure both Turtle Rock and Valve had lots and lots of ideas but it all comes down to how will the special zombies affect gameplay and the survivors. The ones left 4 dead had were great but im sure Turtle Rock can step it up even more. Like some things I’ve said in another post on the general page

If mutation zombies were split or thought of in each of these classes they can be made and seperated by what role they play. For example, Offense would be the direct damage dealers of the zombies. Like for example a simple idea for a zombie

The Bomber - Agile and Fast this time bomb rushes in up close and explodes on detonation. Bombers attacks include Suicide, Claw and Bomb barrage.

Here i’ve given him 3 abilities, Bomb barrage being his tertiary abiliity or his " Hunter charged attack".
Also his objective is to get in and close but he’s really easy to spot and has pulsating sores all over that bubble more as he approaches survivors. He would also have low health similar to a Boomer, and to balance his low health you give him fast speed giving him a chance to get in a blow up quickly causing alot of damage to survivors also with a short knockback effect giving a chance to other zombies to act. This is similar to how the boomer first operated in his early stages of left 4 dead 1.


EDIT : sorry for accidental necro, I didn’t check the date.

I disagree a bit with that, it is not the matter of ‘realism’ because hell, the idea of zombie on its own is not very realistic isn’t it. L4D is one game that I feel like it nailed the minimalism with specials when most games that have special zombies seem to have them all mutate into something monstrous… L4D has this ‘twisted superpowers’ take that works really well.

Original Left4Dead held a special place in my heart to me that the infected feels genuinely sick, tragic and that they still look recognisably human and as we can play as the, it humanises them even more.

Back 4 Blood will be different than Left 4 Dead and I think they might come up with another take though but I wouldn’t mind if they continue with this idea.