[Spec] Who Would Win? (Poll)


Who would win in the Evolve matches? Here’s how it works there will be 5 polls EXCLUDING T5 as the support is not here so in replace will be the Adaptions:

  • Hunters (Markov, Maggie/Daisy, Val, Hank)
  • Monster (Goliath)

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  • Hunters (Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus, Bucket)
  • Monsters (Kraken)

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  • Hunters (Parnell, Abe, Caira, Cabot)
  • Monsters (Wraith)

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  • Hunters (Torvald, Crow, Slim, Sunny)
  • Monsters (Behemoth)

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  • Hunters (Blitz, Wasteland, Rouge, Tech Sgt.)
  • Monsters (Meteor)

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  • Hunters
  • Monsters

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I spent way too much time on this [20 Minutes]
Voting ends tomorrow night (9:30 EST)

Who Would Win? 2.06 Update [Poll]

If this was in a tournament, poor Behmoth. :frowning:


Depends on the players and skill tier… But lore-wise… Monsters should never lose :wink:


Seems pretty even, except for tier 2 and 4 lol


I didn’t expect so many voters! I actually passed out last night making this


undescribed poll is undescribable. What are we voting for?


Who would win in a fight with competitive players


well you should put that in the title of the thread, since you can’t edit polls without a mods help.

I voted nothing but for tier 4 to destroy Behemoth, because it would be inconclusive to prove anything because there are a lot of factors that go into a game and things could go over its heels in a spilt second.


Honestly, most of my votes are hypothesis and in-game experiences. I don’t know how Wraith can beat Cabot and Parnell with a Caira and Abe on the team. The slow down, hunter speed boost, damage amp, and missiles are complete murder.

Once the new Support comes out, t5 hunters will definitely beat Gorgon (I mean, with Lennox, Jack, Emet, and Sunny, no monster is safe).


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