(Spec) My Gallery


I’m 90% sure that I am allowed to have a gallery. Anyways I’ve recently gotten into drawing so yea here they are:

**Evolve** Just got bored in the evening and decided to draw these, the Trapper symbol is bigger cause it's my favorite class :slight_smile:

Drawed this from a fan art called “Crazy Daisy”

A bad drawing from the “Wendigo” Kraken skin

I know I was told to do the face but hey they looked simple, I love how the bigger one turned out, luckily I didn’t do Kraken’s front face or I would have screwed up

**Battle Arena** Stupid eraser ripped the page :frowning:

**Undertale** I plan on doing more, these are for my sister and gets rid of time for me

Hyeh! Heh! Heh!!!

**Pixel Art** I made myself a Pixel Background!

My sister accidentally said “Battle Art” and I was like “Wat?” After I said I love it she said “Fan Art for Battle Arena” and I took it so here it is

**Others** Okay I found it, here are my Game Company names

Hey look what it is! It’s a cupcake for cupcake!

If you have any ideas for me to draw something then go ahead and ask. Until I get better at drawing let’s keep it simple of a character, picture ya’know something that exists in the world. :slight_smile:

To-Do List:

  • Daisy (Done)
  • Krrrrraken (Done)
  • Mammoth Bird Face (Done)
  • Torvald (Working)
  • Lightsaber (Next Up)


how about you draw daisy
also cool class symbols




Okay I think I can manage that

Is it okay if I do his face? He’s pretty advanced


ive drawn elder krrrrrrraken once the face was so unpropotional regular kraken is way easier


Yea, but I just started out…like a couple weeks ago haha

If I can find it I’ll post another picture, it’s like company symbols that I made up


Okay so I’ll try to get Daisy done tonight and I’ll do Kraken tomorrow this k?


most my drawings consist of evolve and Godzilla ._.


There is now an Others part


How about a mammoth bird? Just the face would be awesome. You can draw a hell of a lot better than me so keep it up. :smile:


I used to say this every time I saw a drawing


I used to be decent (not necessarily good) when I was at school. I drew this awesome dragon that took me about 2 weeks but I’m not sure where it is now. If I can find it I’ll post a picture of it. Never been able to draw anything quite as good as that since. :smile:


It took me an hour and 5 minutes to do the Miasma one, I was pretty damn impressed with myself


speaking of drawing I have started like 5 drawings and I have only finished one of the 5


not sure if this woul work for you but if you listen to music while drawing it can help you keep your enthusiasm or something like that its work for me




Definitely will do that


@AlbinoGoliath I have it done and ready to post, but my stupid phone just started restarting and may take an hour or two to get done, I’ll try and find another way


@TheMountainThatRoars And he is done too. He is so hard to draw! But I kinda made him look like he’s thinking about life “Is this really worth it?”


Did you post him???