(Spec) Make A Small Game (Question)


If you could make a game in in 3 to 5 days how would you play/win and what style is it?

My Game:

You would win by killing all enemies in the small boxed arena

There are 3 different boss types: Brawler, Shooter, Tank

15 levels along with 10 upgrades for each skill

Every time you level up after killing different types of enemies you get to spend it on a skill

Each skill can give you an advantage in tactics or lethals

Tactics: Health, Armor and Movement/Attack Speed
Lethals: Death Ray, Shockwave, Slow Motion

You win be upgrading them all and killing the final boss

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If you’ve ever seen the game Squids on the iOS/android store…I would make that but with crabs…
Or an alien planet simulator…


Haven’t seen it or heard of it, I’ll check it out


Does this match the description?

“Squids is a tactical role-playing game by the French studio The Game Bakers, released in October 2011 for iOS devices. A sequel was released entitled Squids Wild West, and a spin-off called Squids Odyssey was also released.”


Left for Dead 3.


That’s it . Great game in my opinion, 3rd on its way.


You want Valve to only spend three to five days on L4D3?


Maybe it’s already finished?


3-5 days isn’t even enough time to design the characters


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