(Spec) Gladiator Questions Poll (Battle Arena)


Primary Weapon: Arc Rifle
A fast firing sniper rifle that shoots electrocuting bullets that deal DoT to enemies shot.
| Attachments:

  • Fore Grip: Increases accuracy by 20%
  • Extended Mag: 5+ More bullets
  • Quick Hand: Reload Speed is 35% faster

Ability: Rewind Bubble
Deploy a bubble
by tapping __ and anything dead in that area will rewind back to life
also it stops bullets in the process. Double tapping __ will drop the
| Second Ability: Time Greande
When thrown and a Monster is in the blast radius they will be 75% slower than normal for 4 seconds.

Tool: Sonar Healing
A temporary device hooked up to you that heals teammates in the radius rapidly.

This is Markus’s powers, weapons and tools

My questions are:

Do you want me too…?

  • Only One Gun
  • Add A Secondary

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Do you want…?

  • Only One Ability
  • Create A “Swap” Ability

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Do you want…?

  • Only One Tool
  • Create A “Swap” Tool

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Lets say you have till 2:00 PM EST Or in 3 hours

Thank you!


Custom hunters thread?


Nope, just some questions for my game :slightly_smiling:


This is different. It’s for the battle arena.



Got it



I just need some ideas to make the game better


40 minutes!


Polls are now closed!


You have quite a few threads about this already.



I think it’s alright atm.
But if the thread is over and done with he’s more than free to ask me to close it, we can still have a link to this thread if that so happens to be the case.


Some of these are supposed to be unlisted:

Almost Finished
Update 1
Update V2

and now this one can be closed since it’s done here


Just let me know which ones you want unlisting in a PM and I’ll get on it. Closing now :3