Speaking of gamemodes


Ahh remember the old days where we had some games that poked around in the “uncharted” areas of gaming !? Jaws unleashed is a good example becuase you played as JAWS and this was unexpected but also a great concept.and in a nother installing of a different jaws game they included game modes such as gluttony where you found yourself in a densely populated coral reef and was tasked with eating as much as you could .because if you think of it it where playing the game as a human protagonist there wouldnt be much variety for anything else. But with evolve giving us the chance as the monster there can be such opportunity for new game modes. EX : think of what we could do with the monster maybe monster vs monster in an attempt to become THE ALPHA or whatever or like gluttony where you just run around eating as much as you can for a score…ahh…well enough of that CYALLS IN THE BETA…banana out!!!


There’s a quote from one of the devs about the possibility of mon v. mon

Also there’s quite a few gamemodes threads out there where you can look for what gamemodes the community ahve said they would like to see.


Ahh but see not only will there be such thing to just MVM there might be something like 8 different hunters and 2 monsters or a situation where the monster or the hunters have to survive an ongoing attack of sorts and who knows there might just be a monster escort mission you see what I mean by this is that we should get creative on this topic and pitch some ideas for the main game because if any body recalls the times when a game is released with promise of great entertainment but flops head first after people notice a lack of content I only started the topic for jumpstarting some ideas and thanks for the quote over MVM @Magik_boom