Spawning on top of a Tyrant [Nest / Weather Control]


Four weeks ago i had a Nest Match as Wraith on Weather Control. It lasted 25 seconds because of a funny Bug. I spawned right on top of a Tyrant

At 0 seconds on the clock i already had less health

At 2 seconds i am already at half health and was still not able to move (thx to a slow graphicscard at that time)

at 4 Seconds when i was finally able to move i was at 25% and lost all interest. I danced around the Tyrant and it killed me a few seconds later. The Hunters were still on the Dropship when their Victory Screen appeared.

Is this bug (or very strange Spawnpoint inside a Tyrant’s aggro range) known to @macman and his Crew? It might still be out there 28 Days later, so if you want to have some fun, start up a Nest on Weather Control and hope to spawn there :smile:


I play nest a lot an I’ve never encountered this bug. Do you have footage or just the screenshots?


The only footage i have is the replay in the App. But that should be enough since you see exactly were i spawned.


I know I just wanted to see it in motion.


There was not much Motion involved in this round :grin:


More out of place spawning. ~sigh~