Spawn Trap?

Alo Evolve fans!

Last night was playing with randoms Evolve, (PS4) we played hunt mode on Medilab map.

But i guess there is a spawn trap in this map, when my team was about to drop from the ship (respawn), the kraken was waiting below of them! the kraken killed all my team with a single thunder strike, how is this possible? the kraken was on stage 3.

Does this happened to you before?

by the way, the spawn trap location is near the generator.

Kraken is a broken p-o-s that’s why. T_T

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Calm thine great saltiness.

Don’t stand still. You can jetpack away coming in from the dropship, and it takes more than 1 ts to kill even 2 strike hunter.


Did you guys had strikes?

Also, I have seen this strategy, but with Bob

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Also, you likely joined in late to a game where everyone had 2 strikes against a S3 Kraken with 3 in LS and damage bonus.

If not that then… Hax.

No! the kraken used 1 thunder strike to kill my team!

he was right there, when the door ships open.

Not a spawn trap, exactly. If you’ve knocked out most of the team, and they have multiple strikes, and you see the drop ship coming, you can easily ambush the hunters. I’ve usually seen this done with aftershock, instead of lightning strike.

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probably you are right.

Njet comerade.

The hate for Kraken is strong in this one…

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Don’t even…

You have the right to remain salty!

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As do you .-.

"You got a lot of health,monster and I need it allllllllll! "

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~nightmares begin~