Spawn issue on new maps


Dont know if it is known, but we have encountered a not so rare bug in one of the new maps. On spawn, instead of dropping down, we stay floating in the air and there is no way of getting down. I cant remember the name of the map but its the small one with a lot of different floors. the sandy one.


Broken Hill Foundry and yes this has happened to me too. Less frequently than when the maps first came out but it has happened. Very annoying.


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This is a known issue. It indicates connectivity issues. Check with your provider service or settings regarding connection.


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Apparently this happens a lot in the next game if you vote for a rematch before the Hunters hit ground after dropping from the ship.


@shaners Please understand this is not a connectivity issue, it IS map specific. Take it from the many people who have played 100s of hours and its only cropped up with the newer map, foundry. Its been brought up several times by many different people. It has an extremely high occurrence rate many times when hunters respawn to the point I’ve had them intentionally sacrifice themselves to me as monster to do so and frequently achieve it for trapper, being able to see everything and dome from the sky.


An easy fix if it happens, is press “take a break” so they bot takes over, then take over the bot

This fix works for MANY bugs


i tried it last night and it didnt work. thanks tho


Well it still works for bugs where you cant move

Sorry it didnt work


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Thank you for your input & detailed response, this will help a lot. I wasn’t aware this issue was so prolific as I have been only going through NEW posts as of Monday. I will run this info by my coworkers & get back to you. Thank you again. @MrStrategio


@Shaners Np, here is a link to the last time I brought it up personally with others, having tagged the appropriate people but I guess they did not get it. The OP posted video of it.


Thank you very much!