Spanish phrase help


Can any Spanish speakers help?

“Decirle a alguien un secreto” simply means “tell [to] someone a secret” right?

I heard that Decirle can sometimes mean think or believe, so does the above phrase simply mean “tell a secret to someone” or “believe in someone a secret” or “think in someone a secret” (this one doesn’t make sense)?



It means telling someone a secret.

Decirle means telling. You’re telling someone a secret.



I thought decir had hidden and extra meanings.


You’re thinking (heh) of “creo”.


Yeah, decir is telling and creo is believe. :thumbsup:


This thread gives me some nice nostalgia of my high school Spanish classes and reminds me how much I hated learning verb conjugation. English for life baby! MURICA!



Lo siento. Estas enojado? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



(Beats your ass in Spanish)


Someone call for a Spanish beat down?


Hola, me no hablos Spanish


Spreken we nu allemaal andere talen? Is dat hip tegenwoordig?


Calmate. :< Por favor.


Not exactly German, but similar enough to German for me to get the general gist of your question, to which my answer is: Apparently so.

… I think… :joy:

EDIT: Google detect language tells me it’s Dutch.


Yup, Dutch. German would be:

Sprechen wir jetzt alle sonstige Sprachen? Ist das heute keß?

(might not be 100% accurate, German is my third language, hence why I’m so shit at it.)


Looks right on the money to me. Not that I’m that great at it either :joy:


Lavate Las Manos


Mosura ya mosura dongankasa mu ya Indo muu


Blijkbaar. Ik snap er toch allemaal niks van.