Spam the left trigger while aiming at the monster for 100% accuracy

The auto-aim will constantly snap to the target if you hammer the left trigger as the hunters. You’re welcome


My friend noticed this last night as well. Supposedly it happened even with a cloaked Wraith.

It doesnt go to the head though. Which is what I go for as val.

Sometimes it does, it depends on where you are positioned around the monster

I think it just centers to the middle of the monster. So if thr monsters head is on trajectory to the center than it would work.

I head shot the monster constantly with this method, especially with hank and the DPS classes.

@SledgePainter Any chance of getting this exploit fixed? I feel that this was not intended. People just need to actually try to aim…


I agree. people should actually try. tired of all the exploits

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PC master race.

In all serious though, I don’t see how they could fix this, aim snapping and stiffness on the target is what greatly helps pads be efficient, removing the snapping may end up removing the aim stiffness which would just cause more issues, though I could be wrong.

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Hmm… I do not like it.
So, do I play against hunters or some stupid auto-target feature ??? I could understand that in PvE mode, but come on… it’s highly competitive PvP game.



How about a different form of aim snapping, where it only moves a maximum distance without user input?

That way spamming a trigger will not follow the monster endlessly, you have at least some keeping up to do.

The only time this seems like it would be really useful is when a Monster is just running around in a dome to avoid a fight and if that is the case snapping to it would be useless because it will just be in a different spot less than a second later.

Does the PC version actually have aim assist?

The PC version has aim assist in the options, only available when you play with a controller I think.

I’ll have to test this and bring it to the devs attention. Is this why they say short, controlled bursts work best for trapper weapons I wonder?

This isn’t new, been around in console FPS games for years. Same thing happens in Borderlands, you can tap the trigger to keep aimed at your targets, how do you think people “quick scope” in Call of Duty games? Abusing the auto-aim mechanic.

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Why are you @ing a mod? And This shouldn’t be fixed, it is a strategy.

doing this doesn’t let you get headshots though.

This seems absurd, glad I don’t play on console. And personally I wouldn’t call an intentional skill copout “strategy.” I’d call it an exploit.


Just like disconnecting before a loss is a strategy right? :wink: