Spaceship map


Now let me explain my little munchkins.

Rather than the whole level being a spaceship, the whole map can revolve around it. Like the spaceship is in ruins and because the monsters invaded it there would be holes all over it and you can move outside the spaceship, the ship itself can be a part of the map but I would like if it was the focus. The roof will be removed to allow abilities to be used from orbit.

It may sound like it’s filled with corridors but the monsters might have destroyed all the tight spaces and now all you see are bit and pieces of them scattered around the map. (Should be a forest map, use can then see all the vegetation be able to wrap themselves around the parts and pieces of the ship.)

What do you guys think?


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass plizz. I love this idea so much.

I just have a thing for spaceship maps. :3

…That was creepy.


I’m hungry :blush:




Aww :cry:

Well I’m still looking for anyone’s input on the topic. So everyone please do pitch in :smile:


The team agreed on Lazarus’ idea of bringing a monster back to the ship, he brings it back to life and now it’s rampaging around the ship.
Well played, Laz.
Spaceship map legit confirmed by TW


I like the idea.

Also what @ToiletWraith suggested has been on my mind as well. It would be really cool to see the ship from the inside.

I’m thinking of some bright, flickering lights in corridors, Alien: Isolation style.


Maaaan, it’s just like in Doctor Who in the episode where we finally get to see all the Tardis’ rooms. It’s so cooooooooool-
It’d be super cool to see more interior of the Laurie Anne :3


Hmm depending on the size and shape of the ship is can be done similar to the new mine level. It would be neat to have a map where there were multiple levels so it spanned upward instead of always outward.


Actually, imagining something even cooler here: The drop.

Laurie-Anne comes on scene. Everyone jumps into the void, towards the ship.

They pass a forcefield to get inside.

Suddenly, the team drops on the ground in a different relative direction than they were flying in, since Laurie-Anne was dropping them off at a side entrance, not a top entrance, both relative to gravity generation of the ship of course.

And I’ll be able to finally call the realest Space Marines entry manuever ever.


That’s a awesome idea, Gem.



Save it for the lazarus dlc


My only question is if it is the ship that they evacuate on then how would the map play into Evacuation?


A huge starship abandoned and the battle is done inside it


…Oh my god.
You’re a genius. TAKE MY MONEY


I flippin love this idea hope that the devs can make this come true


I said this in another thread but the antigravity spaceship level from Crysis 1. I would buy that so hard.


I remember posting an idea about a level inside a spaece station that was in space
Good times.


The Star Cruiser “Undaunted Innocence” (I don’t know >.> ) was once the pride of the Hub’s armadas. A one-of-a-kind venture, she was the first mega-sized spacecraft ever created- and, due to her catastrophic fate, the last. It would seem that a craft of such proportions would be impossible to maintain, let alone use.

I don’t even know. >.> Point in case, they try making a really, really big ship, they fail, and the wreckage makes a map! :smiley: