Spacebar sometimes doesn't respond


The ‘report bugs here’ thread is locked (why, why would that ever be locked?)

Anyways, sometimes I randomly cannot get any effect when hitting the spacebar. This is most noticeable when flying Bucket’s UAV. I have to completely stop moving, then hit spacebar again in order to move upwards - or I have to run into an obstacle as his head before it will take input for moving up.

It happens less often with jetpacks - and before anyone asks, no, it is not me running out of fuel and then jetpack climbing. It still happens occasionally though.

I’ve also been stuck in the water due to this weird bug.

I can provide specs as needed.


I don’t think specs are necessary for this issue lol

I occasionally have the same issue. Bucket’s UAV is generally a bit unresponsive and some walls/ledges seem to be really buggy when it comes to climbing them.


It seems to nearly always do this.

It really needs separate code from jetpacks, which is just my own guess.


I have had the spacebar not respond. It can be difficult sometimes due to how necessary it is.


Reddit thread about this very issue: