Space sounds scary


this is frightening sounds

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I think it’s beautiful.
Like whales.


Can’t listen right now but I’m 99.99% sure that space has no sound.


wrong my friend there is sound but it requires devices to hear


What’s scary is how many topics you’ve made.


How then since there’s no air for it to travel through.


The video states that it is through “electromagnetic vibrations”


False. They very recently made a groundbreaking discovery by capturing a sound caused by two black holes colliding nearly 1 billion years ago, confirming Einstein’s theory of relativity and also showing that, yes, space has sound. The pitch caused by the black holes rose to a middle C, musically speaking.


I just saw that news the other day. Pretty cool/big stuff.


Yeah, I was so hyped to read about it. Plus, the sound the black holes made is somewhere on the internet. So cool!

EDIT: I should make note before being questioned that the sound was caused/carried by the Gravitational Waves of the singularities.



I don’t think it was the theory of relativity that was proven but one of his theories and I dint think it made sound because it required extremely sensitive instruments to detect the vibrations smaller than an atom.


Sound doesn’t require air to travel, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to hear underwater or through solid objects. Space is no different, but the mediums through which sound can travel are much thinner, so it doesn’t support sound we can hear. However, we do have machines that can pick it up. Kinda cool.


It was the General Theory of Relativity. It’s plainly stated in multiple articles. Furthermore, a sound is a sound, no matter how soft and how much equipment you need to hear it. It is like when, in the early 2000s, they detected a “note” several octaves below middle C emanating from the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

If you can’t see a bacterium without a microscope, is it something that can actually be seen? :wink:


That’s fantastic, super interesting, is there an article you can link me?.


There ya go :slight_smile:


I just read this yesterday as well. So awesome.


Very eerie.

They should totally add this stuff into a space movie!


Sound does require matter to travel through.

@GoGoGoliath Haven’t read any articles on it yet and I’m just now able to watch the video. Also touché.


Space is made up of dark matter.