Space Hulk: Deathwing


So for those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge Tyranid fanboy. So you can imagine how hyped I am now that I’ve discovered Space Hulk: Deathwing.

As far as I know this is a Left 4 Dead-ish game (With an AI director and everything) as well as classes, (like Evolve).

Left 4 dead + Evolve + Tyranids (and warhammer 40k) = total awesomeness… I hope. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m hyped)

Just wanted to share. :smiley: The game will be released sometime here in 2015. They’ll be at E3 so keep an eye out for it. :smile:

a little Article here.

Aaaaand, I’m just gonna tag @SledgePainter, because Tyranids. xD


I have zero interest in 40K.

But I LOVE the Tyranids!


Oh man, thank you for tagging me! I am a huge nid fan and Space Hulk fan and I wanna be on board with this but will have to look into it more since this is the first I am hearing of it. But if I get to play nids, I’m pretty much sold. I only have the original Space Hulk game on Steam and haven’t updated to the newer one. Might have to look into it on this.


Me too i love my tyranids. They are the reasons why plastic crack rehab never works out !

Evolve with 40k. Hypothetically
Tier 5 Hunters- Tac squad of deathwatch space marines from different chapters. Their Pre drop banter ranges from the best method of killing stuff to snarky banter about other space marine chapters not in their company.
Assault- Space Wolves/ Black Templar/Blood Angel. Uses an actual axe or big fuck all sword. His forcefield shield will be an actual storm shield.
Support- Salamander/Imperial Fist (cos yellow)
Medic- Blood Raven Apothecary
Trapper- White Scar/Raven Wing

Tier 5 Monster- Can be an evolving genestealer that gets bigger. I was going for a hive tyrant but i cannot picture a tac squad lasting 1 minute against that thing.

This one is looking promising!!! I hope they make genestealers playable for a left 4 dead kinda vs mode.


I know right? Here’s hoping that they will announce that as a thing at E3. Regardless I’ll make sure to update this thread as they reveal more. :smile:


My god thank you for showing me this, I had no idea.

Just getting into the table top game, I have loved the lore and fluff of 40k for a long time and always enjoy when they come out with a good game taking place in the 40k universe.


Nothing can beat the tabletop game! I wish my hubby would have gotten into it. I painted those suckers up to the nines and they were sweet looking! But ultimately sold it due to having nobody to play with. At least I have the computer game now and also the card game is also fun solo!


If you like a brutally hard experience this is a fun card game. My brother and I played it a lot. We won maybe 40% of the time. We had one game in the bag but he got slightly greedy and wanted to try taking out 1 more Tyrannid than what was ‘safe’ and next turn we lost half the team. It’s VERY brutal, but fun :smiley:


I’m desperately trying to get my friends to play it with me but they just look at them like playing toy soldier… lol

Fortunately my local game store has a 40k night and I was able to get my first real game in the other day. Probably will start to attend each week to get my fix :smile:


I have a fairly good win rate with the card game in solo play…I’d say 60-70% so I think I may be playing a rule wrong but I can’t for the life of me find what because I think it’s hard to believe I can win that much, lol, but it is a brutal, unforgiving card game. I have all of the expansions but I barely feel confident enough with fighting the genestealers, let alone the other nids!


I understand they re-released the board game, that’s awesome, since they said they never would. The game is amazing!


You getting into 40K? Or the Space Hulk board game?

My friend owns the old Space hulk board game. It’s a lot of fun really.

But the 40K tabletop game is also SOOOOO much fun! I used to play it all the time, (seriously, I was a complete addict). Now most of the 40k community in the town that I live in has moved away, and I can’t keep up with the constant updates they spit out(Nor afford it for that matter).

This is a picture of my army taken a year ago with a potato.

It’s not much larger today.

I also have a Daemon army, but I don’t have a picture of that.

@MaddCow , @SledgePainter, you telling me there’s a Space hulk card game? Wooot!? I gotta get my hands on that!


Holy shit how long did that take to paint? I’ve got roughly 1000 points of IG and they’re maybe half painted and I’m going crazy over finishing them!

I’m getting into the table top, haven’t played the board game. It is a lot of fun, trying to get a grasp on the rules is a bit overwhelming but the people I play with are pretty helpful and knowledgeable.

I worry my guys are too squishy though to be competitive, I’m going with a mechanized/infantry army and it seems there are a lot of necron players and tyranids so I’m kind of just expecting to roll over and die every game lol…


I can’t remember. I know that my brother and I thought the same thing for the first few games and then 1 rule change, changed everything. I can’t remember if it was something to do with flanking or the way that the genestealers grouped up. I think that is what it was, is that they movedin groups and picked up larger amounts or something.


The card game version is called Death Angel. It is very good. It is also wickedly hard! If you suffer a lot from analysis paralysis you may have a hard time playing this game because one bad decision can spell utter disaster for your team like what happened with poor @MaddCow above. Here is a review by Mr. Tom Vasel…I love his reviews even though he’s not a fan of 40k, lol. He describes the games pretty well and actually likes strategy games like this:

The rules are pretty wonky in the book but you get a better idea of how to play based on this tutorial series:

There’s more tutorials on youtube also. If you buy the game make sure you read through the full rulebook before playing. There are also a couple expansions once you get the hang of the base game. Prepare to die, and die a lot. But never give up because even one marine can go on to win it all against all odds.


Yup, if you think Carrion bird RNG is bad, this game will kick you in the nuts. In a good way of course :smiley: I love the difficulty on it.


I recall one game I was doing the last step of a mission and had every marine still standing with extra bullets to spare, and a bunch of genestealers spawned in front of and behind me and my whole team forgot how to shoot straight and insta-melted just inches short of victory.


Thats Deathangel for ya :slight_smile: Also, I swear the default dice is rigged.


The dice are most definitely rigged.


a new video…in case none of you have seen it ^^