Space eSports Flash Back Fridays! (Evolve PC)

We are excited to announce our first FLASH BACK FRIDAY Tournament, and we will be launching it with Evolve!

Signup here :writing_hand: :

Casted by :speaking_head:: Seeds

Questions :question::

Prize :heavy_dollar_sign: : $1000

Streamed :tv: :

Rules :memo::


Read this a few days ago, even thru the Evole discord and it being PC only, nobody seems to be that interested.

But I am. Even if it’ll start at 1 am in France, I’ll be in the tournament no matter what.

I think Dean will win it all anyways XD (just kidding, I wish everyone best of luck)

Although I will root for @Terepin& co.


I appreciate the sentiment, but I won’t be joining tournament.

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I hope this goes well! Nice to see Evolve’s name come up. :blush: I’ll definitely try to catch the stream.


Are there even any registered teams? I heard a few of them decided not to participate.

Yes there are teams signed up to participate!

Would love to see you around!

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Can’t wait to see you out there

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My question however would be: will I be the captain (hopefully not), part of some team of randoms (hopefully not, as well), or with players from the forums?

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I’m still this ^ but id get involved if somebody wanted me to be… Still probably the worst monster ever… But I always have fun!

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If you wanted!

Only if you wanted again!

You sure could ask some forums users if they wanted to team :slight_smile:

Join the discord! There are people looking for players!


Won’t be attending.

This is cool and I’ll be available but only know a few people who came to PC from Xbox if nothing else i guess it would be fun to just play.

Yeah totally, try to find som players lfg

Already there there is no one looking except mini :joy:


Depending on the team’s/players that enter, instantly we’ll know who’s going to win. Not much excitement factor. It’s going to be a one-sided roflstomp tourney if you ask me.