South America ranking "cleaned" for Kraken?

Well, this is the relevant screenshot. Basically that’s the top of the ranking and as you can see, not only it doesn’t start at 1 but it also lacks some ranks in the middle.

I don’t know what this means. Of course this used to be full and with those guys at the top who have one million wins and one lose.

Could it be that the ranking has been “cleaned” of cheaters? Any official word?

I wonder what it is. Not only because I’d be ranked 8 in my server but also because it would mean that TRS is fighting cheaters, which is a good thing.

I believe it’s a bug, when you’re close to the top of the leader-boards it doesn’t let you see any higher unless you go down a page first.

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Oh, good! I thought I tried that, but I didn’t notice. Thanks!

Aye, when you hit top 15, it’ll show you in the middle of the screen with some above you and some below.

Does the same for me as Markov; I’m at 11th, but only hows like up to 6th at top and 17th bwloe. I had to Page Down then Page Up to see the #1-5 spots, seems to fix it every time.

A scroll option would be nice, though :stuck_out_tongue:

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