Source_TV Looking for team(XboX Proving Grounds)


Hey guys I’m a top Krakken monster on PC and I’m looking for a good hunter squad on XBOX to compete in the Proving Grounds Tourney. I will be renting an XBOX tomorrow and am looking for good hunters to take on the qualifiers.

You can check out my twitch stream @ message me and I will be on tomorrow with an XBOXTAG. I am from the US.

Update Just got the XBONE my GT is =SourceTV11

Update-Still looking for a team!


Stay on PC man, don’t leave us :’(




Just saddening that many PC guys are going out to buy xboxes just to play this cup.Not their fault ofc.I heard also that a guy just went and bought one to compete in this.And that means missing PC Esl’s :confused:

Anyway good luck Source.

I can vouch for this guy.One of the best Krakens out there


Our monster might not be able to compete. Send me a message when you get your Xbox and we can run some scrims.


lol. I really doubt that a lot of people will be getting an Xbox just because of this event.


I already know 2 of our best monsters are doing it.

PS.And many guys considering it


Well I’m just going to be renting one for a month which will come down to like 90 bucks. But yah Wibaki I would see if your sponsor can help you guys out.


Nah that’s not the point.No1 of us are even considering doing this.I don’t even want to try it xD I know i’ll suck with a controller


im interested source GT: ArcticStorm321


Source, my team is looking for a new monster right now. We are serious about competing in this tournament. Message me on Xbox live when you can, and I’ll message you on twitch. Gt- Raabbits


My gt is mikedog6000

My hunter team is one of the best on xbox one and we are in need of a top notch monster. Message me here or in game so that we can get some practice in tomorrow that way we can both guage eachothers skill.

I look forward to playing with you man.


Source is a great player, we have used him as a Sub in two Evolve Hype League matches and he has had great results both times. If there is a console team without a monster they would be foolish to not add him and let him play. I hope you don’t stay on Xbox after the tournament though, would be a big blow to the PC scene to lose one of the strongest Kraken players.


Why you add the “With controller” Part? Kappa


You able to get an Xbox and a gamer tag setup yet source? My team is seriously interested in having you play our Monster. We are going to get some teams lined up tonight to get you some good practice in before the big day. You can message us on live. GT - Raabbits or ihop2hollywood


Just bought the Xbone and setting things up.


Me and my friend are pretty good, we were the in the top 50 with our characters and got reset. GTs: Krisdzeel and Achilles2129.


ok GT is - SourceTV11


Ok, I added you man. My gt is mikedog6000

hit me up whenever you are ready


The team I did join decided not to compete any more, I have learned the ways of the controller and am looking for a solid hunter team again.