Sound spikes : tips ? efficiency?


…finally, I can create my own topic !

So, we already know a lot about Griffin…
Our Trapper is, I think, a good compromise between offensive and control abilities.

For me, currently he totally worths Maggie even if he won’t have something to go straight after the monster Because he may also deal a lot of damages to the monster.
I don’t really know about Maggie primary weapon, but Griffin’s SMG is likely an “half-assault weapon” , and his harpoon deals some significative damages while being more direct/faster.

But what about the real utility of his Sound Spikes ?..
Seriously ?

Especially since a game will take 8 to 15 minutes, and considering the size of the map, I’m doubting of the efficiency of those little “motion sensors”.
(it is heard that the monster can destroy them, and feel/see them through walls…)

Now, considering the other points I mentioned, Griffin is still a nice Trapper I think.
Well well… However maybe it’s because I don’t clearly understand how Sound Spikes work ? ^^


Hunters kills allot of wildlifes and puts sound spikes close to them and hide and then wait for the monster to comes and eat and then suprise him :smiley:


Well, I thought (but, tell me if I’m wrong, I don’t know !) the hunters are either always two steps behind the monster, or right in front of him.
So I can’t see how a sound spike placed 100meters before may be useful…

Even if the monster ran through the entire map in circle and reached the start point (where there was the first sound spike) , …well, knowing the monster is there won’t exempt them from traveling to him.
And during this time, he will just go away.

Actually the only way it could be useful (but maybe I just don’t get the point) would be when a monster succeed in misleading the team, and going in the opposite direction.


Exactly, we still haven’t seen a match where the hunters are having problems finding the monster. Now imagine if the monster is sneaking all over the map, which I’ve heard is about .5 km. We just haven’t seen a match that they would do good in


You mean “imagine a smart lucky sneaky monster, against a team without Bucket”…
Well… maybe sounds spikes may indicate where the monster is at one point.
As soon as he will see this sound spike, he’ll stop sneaking and run away (I guess)


Also, don’t forget that Goliath is one of many monsters, some of which might be better at sneaking. Also one spike might not be great, but if Goliath happens to pass 3 in a row, that’s a lot of info for the hunters


When you follow tracks, you’re following old data - reading a history book. You’re following in the monster’s footsteps, mimicking all his twists and turns. It’s usually a winding path. The monster runs faster than you. The only reason you stand a chance is because the monster has to stop and eat allowing you to gain some ground. Hard to actually get close enough to trap the monster.

A sound sensor hit is much more relevant. It’s not old data, it’s where the monster is right now. It allows you to travel in a straight line, directly to the monster. You skip all the twists and turns and gain a lot of ground. Get a few hits and you’ll be on the monster before it has time to think.

I like to place sound spikes in high traffic areas. Catch the monster as he passes through to common eating grounds.

You’ll usually have three, four, five or more battles with the monster during a game. In between, you’re trying to track and recapture so Sound Spikes get a lot of use in a 12 minute game.

In addition to tracking and trapping the monster, sound spikes are incredibly useful during combat. Once that mobile arena goes up, throw down a sound spike. As the monster runs around fighting, the spike marks its location for the whole team. We know where the monster is at any second. The team can evade attacks easier, know when the monster is hiding behind a rock or is far enough away for a safe revive and everyone has an easier time landing their shots.


How does it “mark” the monster’s location? Does it show the outline or is it just a notification?


No outline. It’s lower tech, but still effective. It’s a marker/icon on the HUD. Under the marker is a number that represents the distance from you to the marker.


Cool, it’d be nice to have seen more of them in the interactive trailer. I’m genuinely interested to see how much of a difference they make to a match


Is there a mini-map at all? It might be because L4D doesn’t have one, but I’ve been picturing Evolve without a mini-map and that these sound spikes would glow through the level when set off.


You can hold the select button and a mini-map appears near the top left


Ookay, thanks.

Anyway I’ll use everything that will be at my disposition during the hunt ^^
But that’s cool to know…

(may I ask once again how long is the mobile arena’s cooldown…?)


If the minster is still sneaking do the sound spikes get set off or not?


I don’t think they do. Someone’s mentioned this before


Mobile Arena cooldown is currently 60 seconds, which feels like an eternity in-game. :wink:


Oh wow, it seemed incredibly strong/not used much in the interactive trailer? The way they kind of saved it made it seem like it was on a long cooldown.


They would have destroyed this poor Goliath if Griffin used it during their first encounter, I believe ^^’
(on the other hand, Goliath should have not let Val’ save Griffin… so that he still have a chance)

By the way, I think someone said that a Sneaky Goliath won’t activate a Sound Spike, BUT a “yelling” Spotter will ! And so even if this Spotter see a Sneaky Goliath…!
True ?


Could you tell us the jet pack cool down specs? As in, how long the fuel takes to recharge for each character, and for how long they can use it for. The time varies for each class right?


True! But you can sneak up on wildlife pretty good in stealth mode! Just don’t get to close and you’ll be o.k.