Sound spikes are too hard too find! (Monster)


I CANNOT find them for the life of me! They should have a brighter outline so they’re easier to see! I JUST WANNA LOSE THE HUNTERS!!


I think thats the point :wink:


The dark red outline is TOO dark!! Egrh! :weary:


Think soundspikes are hard to find?
Try finding dem hunters in a sporecloud, that takes squinting to a whole new level :smile:


Oh yeah, that too. Slim!!! :rage:


I feel your pain dude, just gotta ride it out, or sneak around a lot.

Surely by the time Griffin has placed all his spikes around the map you should be a stage 2 monster with a bit of armour? Because at that stage of the game it is a bit cat and mouse.


Not when birds steal your food left, right and center!


Find a cave to dine in :wink:


Isn’t it fun though? ^.^


Well sometimes but usually I feel like this (as I posted in the GIF thread): :smiley: