Sound Spikes alert

There needs to be a way so you know that you are being tracked with spike. I would really like it a lot. Also, if your are sneaking, are you marked?

I believe you can sneak through a sound spike area unless you get too close


That’s correct!

I do believe that you get spotted within 15 Meters of the Spike.

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I thought it was ten meters, you get detected.

I also think there’s a small audio que that plays when you walk into range, but it’s quiet and quick.

There is a small audio cue. But that’s up to you whether you want to spend time finding it or move away from the area quickly.

There’s an audio cue when you’re in range and are detected by the spike.

Fifteen. Spikes have a 60M range by default, and sneaking around in the outer 45 won’t detect you, but being within 15m of the spike is instant detection.


To add on to the audio cue that everyone is talking about, it is the exact same noise that the hunters hear. If you want to hear it, play Griffin. If the monster trips a sensor, you’ll hear the little ping.

Also, it’s cue* guys, not queue. The sensors aren’t lines.


I hate waiting in audio lines :frowning:

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