Sound glitch



Hello guys!
I have never encounterd this problem EVER.
The sound plays in the wrong speaker (And no…im not a pleb that have my headphones on the wrong way :>)
So what i mean is : Someone steps to my right and it plays in my left ear.
I have no idea why or how it can even do this. Its only when im playing Evolve.
Any suggestions i should try out?
Thank you!!


Are you sure? :wink:

Did you make sure your drivers are up to dated and the headphones are fully inserted?


hahaha! :wink:

Yes everything is up to date and stuff like that.
If it helps. I have Logitech G35 USB headset and there is no other problem with them except for the sound switching sides in-game Evolve…its super wierd o_0


And this is Stage 2, correct?


Have you tried on other games?


Yes to both of you :slight_smile:

I play Rainbow six Siege, CSGO, The crew, Path of exile and Black ops 3 on a daily basis… No problem at all with sound :confused:

EDIT: Im gonna try and Stream/record with OBS to see if it shows up on VODS.