Sound feedback


Having played the game, i have a minor criticism. get in the booth and start making more sounds for the kraken! I noticed that it was either during an ability or when he was being hit, but the same 2.5 to 3 second sound bite played repeatedly, with almost no variation. This is a game i would certainly be playing on a constant basis with subwoofer up, feeling the awesome sounds. but i did find myself about 10 minutes into watching a team play going “…ok Kraken, we get it”

other than that. AMAZING GAME. i love it!


First of all, welcome to our community dude! And lucky you for getting to play the game before some of us!

I’ve been watching a few E3 videos myself but to me I think the Kraken might have enough variation in sound as it is at the moment! Mind you that’s just what I think and they might have added more sounds to the game since then! Personally, because the Monsters are primal beasts, they don’t need that much dialogue unlike the English speaking Hunters we have! Sometimes when I play other games I notice that some enemies make the same sound with some variety and that’s fine!

Other games I play have the enemies make the same exact sound the entire time and it’s awful! I’m alright with the Kraken and Goliath’s sound bites at the moment but you make a good call there! If the Monsters made the exact same sound all the time then I would most definitely be annoyed but as of now I don’t see much of a problem! But yet again, you’ve actually played the game so I don’t know for sure! :smiley:


I actually made this observation during my viewing of another group playing. I can easily say i had no concept of anything bad happening while i was playing myself. This game, at least from the monster perspective (all i had the opportunity to play) was phenomenally immersive.
I’d be really interested to know more about sound mechanics of this game. I went back and watched some gameplay and it sounds like a good variety, it might have just been the repeated action of that particular player that triggered it.



I really hope we get 3 special and unique sounds (w/accompanied animation) for each monster as: 1) a taunt roar - activated by the player 2) a death bawl, and 3) a victory howl - the latter two automatic. Then, I will be totally soundfully fulfilled.

The last request I have…winning team end game short animations (one for the monster and one for the hunters) to play at the end of a match and showing the team that won…just a short little somethin’ that would take under 5 seconds…then this game would meet my fluff expectations.


Only sound I’ve disliked is Hank’s laser cutter, it just is a little too grating for me and it’s constant.