Sound "crackles"?

Not sure If this has happened to anyone else but during my game I will periodically get a crackle in my sound. It’s almost as if the sound is getting laggy.

Anyone else have this issue and have a solution for it?

Console? PC?


Anyways, there’s a few threads reporting something similar. I haven’t had this problem possibly due to playing on PC. Anyways, here’s one of those threads…

Xbox one and I also use x12 turtle beach headphones with the Xbox one adapter

Xbox One is the console I’m on.

You’re sure it’s not becuase of the EMP-mapp effect? It adds a crackling, static electricity noise that’s really irritating and sounds more as a sound error than an ingame fx…

I seriously thought I had broken my headset the first time I heard it until I realized I was playing with the EMP-thingy.

Otherwise yeah, probably a bug.

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It’s a bug of sorts. It’s will happening during any part of the game. Menu, loading etc

Hmm… Well, then there’s a connection; you two seem to be experiencing the same issue and it seems to be exclusive to Xbox One as far as the reports look.

The only audio problem I’ve encountered on PC is almost always on Aviary when dropping down from the dropship. On a rare occurrence I would get stuck hearing a ‘lightning-ish’ sound the entire match, possibly linked to Kraken being the monster there.

EDIT: @Shaku

Wait, what? So what I experienced is a map effect?

Also, once I’m in game… I think it goes away. I’ll have to check again tonight. It might just happening during the load times/menu. Sorry I don’t have details right now

Sometimes I get this on my PC. This happens once every few games, starts after few minutes into the match and it’s progressively getting worse, after match it’s gone and no longer present in next match.

Sound Card: Asus essence STX II
Head Phones: Sennheiser G4ME ZERO (If that matters)

*After reading through, I admit I skimmed through this thread at first, I am unsure whether my problem is actually connected to aformentioned EMP, I have 300 hours played and had this against me like 3-4 times, but it as well might be since, the sound glitch is so rare for me. I’ll make sure to post here my conclusion, after I actually encounter EMP in some match.

*Just to be sure the EMP crackling is present the whole match, or rather the first time it bombs you, till the rnd right? Not just for the duration of the effect.

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Could be! Depends if that map effect was on or not. Don’t think It’s available on Aviary though

But I recognize when playing againt or as kraken sometimes you Will hear a really outdrawn electrical build up that is not always that easy to understand what action it is connected too…

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I’ve seen this too a number of times (XBO here as well). I experienced it in the last Beta too. To me, it sounds like packet loss on a voice stream. I’ve heard this through the normal TV sound, my X12s, and the 500x that I just picked up. I don’t think it was map specific as it’s occurred on multiple maps (though I never paid attention to which exactly. I’m sure it’s not map effect related also as it’s occurred in normal hunt games while not playing Evacuation.

Also had this since beta.
Not a persistent problem, but has happened in game, in menu, during opening movie, anytime.

I also occasionally get a loss of menu sound effects, loss of music in game, and sound / speech at beginng of the match in drop ship as hunters.

On my Xbox one with my 5.1 speakers.

I’ve had this since yesterday (on PC). Don’t know were it suddently came from. Couldn’t really tell whether it was just someone with a bad mic or the game sound acting up. Reading this I am guessing it’s a bug after all. Kinda strange though, I’ve played 35 hours without getting it once and now it seems to pop up every now and then.

I noticed this as well since picking up the game. I thought it was my external speakers but now I am glad that’s not the case. Also on X1.

The bug has been there since alpha its still not fixed nothing new there so, move along nothing to hear there. On all platforms


Any luck this is on the ‘to do list’?

Don’t know. I haven’t heard about this. I can certainly ask @MrStrategio

When I get some extra time I’ll test it and see if there are certain situations that provoke it or if it’s random.

I’m running Bitstream out on both the HDMI(Directly to TV) and optical(Dobly Digital to my 500X TB Headset) outputs from the XB1.

I had this before, sounded like a rad town in Rust. Never could re create it though. 100% game though, not my hardware.

I tried to record the sound and no luck. The recording doesn’t exhibit the distortion