Soul at Stake: A DbD Inspired Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game


Not sure if anyone else here has seen this already, but I figured it might interest a few people here. It’s in Early Access right now, so the game looks pretty rough atm.


DbD makes me think of Dragonball z as D&D. Dragonball Dungeons.

I’d play it…


It is interesting, but I wonder what separates it from Dead by Daylight, is it made by the same set of programmers?


Thanks for sharing, I saw it on steam, and i do play DBD but never reminded myself to check gameplay. coincidentally last night a friend just told me she got it and asked if i wanna join. DBD is quite frustrating, it doesnt take much skill to be an adept killer, and its not easy to juke an adept one.


This one, while still in early access and might have things change, is even worst for the ‘killer’. The killer is slower than the survivors and aside from a really broken item (The bell that can stun people) has less tools to deal with survivors.

(I also believe that the really high skill favors survivors in DbD by a LOT because the killer doesn’t have the ability to really dictate much in the much. It’s the survivors game to lose, not the killer’s to win)


oh i see, i thought otherwise. i’ve not seen really high end survivor DbD. i see that, some survivors are bound for death, no escape, since killer is faster. yeah, killer is slow in that video and survivors have abilities.


Looks like a blatant rip off of dbd. I wish devs would put their time and effort into making an awesome asymmetrical game like Evolve


Yeah, I had problems with survivors at first (invisible, unable to grab ect) then I remembered the golden rule… Strafe.

now my freddy is level 43 and all it takes is to flank while watching the survivor, have a speed perk setup and well you get your wins.


strafe is easier for the 3sixty spin? i have not got the hang of that, which require strafing the mouse in other direction lol.


A Evolve Inspired Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game is the only thing that would interesting me in this Genre

Evolve was so much different then any of the other Xvs1 Game :slight_smile:

A Baldis Basics ( i dont if some1 know this little Game ) inispired Asymmetrical Multiplayer Game woud be a fun idea too i think xD