Sorry to the PUBS I did this to


So, as some of you may know, I’m a highly situational monster. This means I choose my monster and my skin depending on what map I’m on. Earlier I was chosen for monster on Barracks, with a full level 40 team (besides one guy who was level 27) of shit talkers as the hunters. I was already feeling annoyed that earlier, and these guys just added to it. So, of course, I went ham on their asses with my Behemoth. S2 Win, 3 in Fissure and 3 in Tongue Grab.

Please note, that I did kind of drag the match on. I personally detest doing this, but I was VERY annoyed, with them and stuff going on in my life. Also, this is TOTALLY not my way of showing off the obscene amount of damage I did. Totally.


Still did more with Lava Bomb ^.-


Yeah, on a Custom Solo Rescue favoring monsters. :slight_smile:


Hey, their Laz was on point ;-;


Sure, sure. Keep telling yourself that.

I’m actually farming Lava Bomb mastery right now, as it’s the only thing I have left to Elite for Behemoth, and I’ve just been doing…

Custom Solo
Mode: Rescue
Map: The Dam
Hunter Team: Any Support, Medic, and Assault. Always Maggie.
Perk: Colonists for Hunters.

It’s been working gr8 m8.


Heh, I got my elite in Multiplayer :sunglasses:


I elited Tongue Grab, Fissure, and Rock Wall in Pubs. I actually elited Tongue Grab in the match this picture was taken of.


I still can’t use rock wall -.-
Daisy…daisy frustrates me


I aim it behind or in between Hunters. When they dome me, I’m not trapped with them. They’re trapped with me.



I hate you. I mean, I love you, Tucker, but I still hate you.


I get that a lot ^.^


Not to 1-up either of you, but I got my Behemoth Elite Skin on day 1, in Skirmish/Evacuation. OG requirements.




Psh, noob, I got Behemoth and Crow day 1 #Rekt


I don’t get to play very often anymore, sadly. That’s why I wasn’t able to elite him until recently. It’s also why my only other elite is Lazarus.