Sorry to say this, but aggravated at bad matchmaking


Matchmaking is MIS.ER.A.BLE.

  1. I join friend’s party. I am L25, he is L7. He searches for game.
  2. Takes well over 2-3 minutes to find a “game”
  3. 95% of the time, it only finds 1 single player, who is forced to be monster and we’re forced to have 2 stupid bots.
  4. Because of this, games always favor the monster in winning, and sure enough, he does. So it’s just loss after loss after loss.

This hasn’t changed a bit since Beta. Matchmaking was horrible then and it’s just as horrible now. It favors getting a game going, even if near-filled with bots, than populating it with actual players and ensuring there is actually a mind behind each player. It’s a frustrating experience that makes the rare times when the game has its highest potential OF fun (playing with friends), still an un-enjoyable process to go through.

I’d really like this to change. Use an algorithm that favors more people in games than bots.

Seriously; I HATE the Matchmaking

We all are. Apart from the guys licking the devs bums.


Agreed. +1

Match making system in this game blows ass.

Honestly my only real issue with the game.

I find it unfathomable on how a dev team can put so much time and effort into such a great title, and completely overlook such a crucial part.


Matchmaking was better in beta. It’s my only complaint, really. For Christ’s sweet sake, I search for hunt and it drops me into defend.



I made a thread about this issue and MrStrategio is taking a look into it, all we can do is wait and see if a patch fixes it.

There’s definitely an issue with a higher level and lower level in the same party messing up the matchmaking.


Glad to have seen to this thread. I’m also having matchmaking issues when I party up with two other friends. I’m rank 30+, one is 25 and the other just got the game and he’s only 4. Takes forever to find a match and the match is almost always with a monster and hunter bot. So we’ve just been fighting bots. When I’m teamed up with just the rank 25 we find matches pretty easily, though.


Matchmaking is fine. You guys just need to learn to use the matchmaking better. I just had a round where the game instantly filled me with players of my skill level and it totally proves that matchmaking is working fine. You guys are doing it wrong.

[Disclaimer: Please do not take this seriously. It is just a joke.]


We’re all waiting on the patch let’s hope it’s not to late, the longer this goes on the quicker the play base will abandon it especially with the resets


Agreed, this is one issue I expected to be fixed.

It was terrible in the alpha. Oh well I thought, it’s an alpha.
It was still terrible in the beta. I hope they fix it before launch I said to myself.
To my disappointment it is still complete rubbish in the full release.

Constantly disconnected from my friends, excruciatingly long search times and have trouble joining sessions because I’m told I’m already in them…


I hate to pile on here but I have to agree. It seems like it gets worse as your level goes up.

Perhaps drop whatever code you have that’s tied to level (or give them an option to opt out of it). I know that will suck as well but it will at least get people into games rather than the frustration of waiting.

It gets very bad when you have multiple high level people trying to group up.


Matchmkaing DOES suck, but I never get bots beyond the first “join a game in progress and suck it up” game and the occasional leaver.

First game is almost always a disappointment due to matchmaking shenanigans, but once the group is rolling, it’s usually ok’ish.

Nevertheless, “Ok’ish” is far from acceptable for an exclusively multiplayer AAA priced game and it’s a shame to have your gaming experience hindered by this.


Did it ever occur to you, that :slight_smile:
this game is not even 1 week old,
and that maybe there are not enough players right now,
and that the MM-system has to “learn” and adapt to the players?

Bigger player-pool = fairer and quicker MM, since the MM-system then has a bigger player-pool to pull players from.


Judging by Steam numbers, if there are not enough players playing to achieve proper matchmaking, I’d say we have a serious problem!

Moreover, the issues reported here are not matchmaking creating groups of different skill levels, which would be expected for a one week old game, but issues that should have been hammered out during the huge beta events :

  • Evac modes randomly popping in hunt
  • Players thrown as NPC
  • Solo players forced into monster role despite putting it as bottom priority due to premade factor
  • Players joining games in progress in very unpleasant situations (heavily damaged monster/multi-striked hunter)
  • Total absence of social features like lobbys and such (I know it’s the console influence, but it’s a pain nonetheless)

As for matchmaking “adapting”, so far it seems to be mostly based on player level and not any actually quantified skill like an Elo system, so I don’t expect it to adapt.

  • Some issues are just sneaky bug, I hope they will be patched
  • Some may be unforeseen circumstances
  • Some are questionable design choices, or at best necessary evils.

Game is truly amazing once you’ve got a group running, and I can’t give enough props to the TRS team on that score, but the experience when it comes to the client and matchmaking is simply not on the same level.


Seriously, i don’t care if i play agains or with bots, as long as i am allowed to choose my role.
And i don’t care to come to a game already started and replace a bot. I do’nt care because it’s still more acceptable than to be obliged to play a role you don’t like, or don’t want to play.

If you want to train with the goliath you do’nt play healer, monster, assault, healer, monster, trapper, monster, support, support, healer, monster…



no probs here lvl 32 quieing with lvl 5-10’s takes like 20 sec max


They need to just make l4d style lobbies alongside a quick match option. Why they didn’t is beyond me.


Takes forever to find matches and joining friends is impossible. What was the point of beta again?


Lvl 33 here and queuing solo with Monster as #1 choice it usually takes about 5 mins to match me into a game in progress 99% of the time as Hank. Apparently there’s thousands of players in my region. I only ever see 5% of them.


… It is sad that this issue is so common you can be sarcastic about it.


It’s upsetting. I have been playing for two hours tonight and have not played as either my first or second choice. I should be able to say, “I will wait in a queue until my first becomes available.” Instead, they penalize me for leaving a match during the character select screen?! Tsk Tsk.