Sorry but this is true


i rarely play monster but most of the time i travel in one direction i find a wildlife with dmg buff.
i kill it and get the buff because i reach before the hunters even land and its too fuckin easy at stage 1 or 2 to take down hunters.
this is a joke and boring. its boring for the monster and for the hunters.
it really ruins the awesome gameplay of this game.
its just ridiclous.


Not every map has the damage buff.(albino sloth) If you’re finding it “too easy” then simply don’t pick up the buff.


I normally pass the damage buff all the time. Let the hunters have it early game, cause I will just run for 5 minutes to deny the buff for both of us.


No, you are just using an aspect of the game to your advantage. The hunters could use better positioning, meaning not get clumped up to take as much damage, but most choose not too and die. It’s their fault not yours.


What level are you buddy?


Sounds like u were just more skilled than the hunters


Thank you someone making a thread about how easy it is to win as a monster, i very rarely lose but i also dont play monster that much, i know im not a pro or a god, but i play monster pretty well and just being prrtty good a playing monster i shouldnt slaughter so many teams, and i do it without pouncing, people dont seem to know how easy it is


They are fully aware that the wildlife buffs are too high, funny thing is they balanced the whole game around it, so i can understand why they hesitate to adjust them.


the buffs mustnt removed but they need to be changed some way to make the game more a challenge for both sides and not for just one side.


Makes me feel good killing monsters, since they are so OP with buffs. ^.-


can you guys post what level you are? because i get the feeling he is below lvl 35 >.> anyone else getting that vibe


I like having the buffs. If I get them stage 1 or 2 I’ll engage, get a few strikes, but not win yet on purpose. I like making the hunters fear me. And fear me they shall when I return as a stage 3 monster and meet them as the fall out of the drop ship.


I’ve been 40 forever fyi, get things cleared up.


nah im talking to the topic creator guy


Yep. Sometimes if I’m feeling feisty, I’ll grab a damage reduction/boost buff at stage 2 if I see it’s still up. But if the hunters are on their game and have taken it, I’ll just avoid them til it drops.


Monster finds a good buff at the beginning? OK.
Hunters should find it too as soon as you show up. Everybody should know the spawn location of the albino wildlife, and evade a fight and go for the buff as well. Hunters only need to jetpack over the dead body and press a key, and hunters with damage will give you hell.

If the monster manages to find an Albino, and trick or engage the Hunters away from the body, it is called skill, and its deserved.

Just search for Evolve Buff Locations guide, or Evolve Pathing to find useful maps, and learn to find and deny buffs.

No balance change needed for this, as soon as you learn how to play the buffs grow in importance, for both, because as a monster you can’t allow the hunters to find a good buff before you do.


Except that turns the game from a game of skill and who lands more more abilities to ‘Who can get the buff first’, which isn’t fun as any monster or hunter team worth their salt that grabs the Damage or Damage Reduction buff pretty much wins any engagement with no effort.

I don’t think the developers imagined their game devolving into that, which is why they’re removing elite wildlife in ranked play(When it’s implemented). I happen to agree with them.


They did.
Without that, there is no reason to go to one direction or another as the monster, you can just go to a random direction and be harder to find until stage 2 or even 3.

With buffs, if Monster don’t choose to search for the buffs, hunters might do, and then anihilate you if they find you.

The buffs are the reason why you might choose to go to certain locations of the map to check and search for, and the team who does this better will have the upper hand


So you’re the developers and know their entire plan for their game? Okay.

Regardless, there is a reason why elite wildlife is removed in competitive play, it’s too strong and focuses matches on elite wildlife control, which in itself is random and uncontrollable, a factor that many people, including myself, view as noncompetitive. A monster also has 45 seconds of complete control of the map at the very beginning, which pretty much allows a monster to grab a buff uncontested with no options given to the hunters. Monsters who use elite wildlife in its current state pretty much follow the same pattern: Spawn, go to elite buff, grab it if it’s there, destroy hunters or evolve to stage 2 and destroy hunters.

There’s no skill in elite wildlife, just simply raw overpowering stats.


Yes, the reason why the developers placed the buffs is that, and its intended.
T4 hunters damage numbers are intended as well.

If devs change their ideas behind the %increase or the damage numbers of T4, we will deal with it (or be happy), but if buffs are removed then there is no reason to go to one place or another on start