SOoooooo where is my Press release copy?


seen a few streamers playing this already…


I wouldn’t mind a press-release copy either.

Or being able to know how to make youtube videos/streams

then again i’m an owner of PCMRE so


Press copies were given out to positive members of the forums or twitch streamers.

As far as I know it’s only a select group of people and further copies aren’t going to be given out.


Yup tough cookies just got to wait it out.


Not even many famous streamer got one.I guess you ain’t a very famous streamer since you got like 200 followers neither a “loyal” forum member since i see you got like 3 posts in here.

Don’t take it harsh i mean no disrespect just letting you know.I’ve been here since July with over 1k posts and i consider myself an active member but i also got no invite.It was mostly given to those who are Leaders/Moderators as a Thank you


And I can’t even figure out how to get Member status.


Yeah i dunno how to become regural or how i became member or any of this stuff.But who cares…


There was a post on it.
How To Become A Moderator


Too Long


I still don’t get it… Take Overeptic for example. He joined on the 23rd this month, and has 212 posts.
I joined Jan 19th, 4 days before him, and have 374 posts.

He has member status, I don’t. I have commented every day, since the 19th. What’s keeping me at Basic User status?


I think it has to do something about reading new topics/new replies etc etc.


Regular comes from more than just posting, giving and receiving likes, posting new topics and reading over 25% of new posts and topics are all important.


you mean famous members. there instantly comes one person to mind, who is in no way positive and one of the biggest d* i ever saw streaming. of course this is highly subjective.


Also yeah it wasn’t the positive ones it was the ones who had a team/moderators/leaders i think.Welp anyway…


I got a press copy but only have a MacBook so I couldn’t run it :cry:


Its okay give me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously tho will Mac be able to play evolve when ships?


I believe it’s only Windows, maybe Linux but I’m not 100% on that.


Yeah couldn’t find anything on the Steam Store page.Oh well…


Well me and a couple of other Moderators here didn’t get one since the PC isn’t our method of gaming, would have been happy to have given you a key, if I could have, @WiBaKi!


Ah yeah i guess its only for PC.But thanks a lot for your offer Slinky :smile:
I think i can live another 9 days :slight_smile: