Sooooooo I was thinking


Funny thing is too that if the Behemoth is the one that came from space the order that we see these monsters may be backwards. Behemoth goes to Wraith, forgoing it’s slower form for faster more agile ones, then gradually sliding back towards a happy medium (Goliath). The lore possibilities are endless.


Unlikely, they have already annihilated Maggie’s home planet (forget the name D=)


Factor… That being said.

They could be the ‘galaxy’s antibodies’. However, I’m pretty sure it’s Aliens due to the history of the game :slight_smile:

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We do know ebon star had one “captured” before the outbreak even happened, by 6 months I think


13 Months.


Thanks for the correction. I have bad memory with that kind of stuff

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No worries. :slight_smile: I’m sometimes jealous of people with less than great memories. My wife, for instance, has the memory of a goldfish. We watch movies that we saw a year or so ago and she will have 0 recollection. I’m both sad and jealous at times about that. I would LOVE to watch a movie again for the first time :frowning:


That would be nice :3 unfortunately my brain tends to remember all the good movies vividly >~<

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That’s one of the theories Caira presents, I believe

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Don’t know who “Albert Wesker” is, but Cabot looks good in those glasses. Makes me want cosmetics even more.


Give Cabot that speed, that’d be fun. ^.^


Sunny + Caira :stuck_out_tongue:


No! Leave it a mystery! i don’t know where these monsters come from, and I don’t want to know! That’s what makes them terrifying. The thing that hooked me to Attack on Titan was the mystery that shrouded the titans. Why do they look human? Why do they only eat humans? Where did they come from? All humanity can hope to do is hide behind walls and pray. The monsters in Evolve are similar. We can kill one, but at what cost? It’s a losing battle. For every victory, a hundred dead colonists. All we can do is run, but for how long? They destroyed Factor before they knew what hit them, they’ve overrun Shear as well, it won’t be long until they reach Hub. And if we don’t have a plan before that happens…god help us all.



“Let me clarify something for you, Chris. I don’t think of myself as a king. No, I am a god! And even kings bow to gods!” - Albert Wesker (RE5)