Sooooooo I was thinking

If Basilisk is any indication, Sol Hub can’t be the nicest of people. Three freaking Mutagen wars.

I’m willing to bet a Basilisk scientist escaped capture and continued experimenting on Shear, unable to accept the third loss.

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What I find odd is that the monsters started outside the far arm, but are aimed directly for Hub. Are they going here because they’re told, or out of instinct? If they were still under human control why would they start in the far arm aimed at Hub? The only positive is it makes it seem alien and forces blame to be hard to point at a group unless hard proof was found. I personally think this is funded by someone of power, but who it is still remains unclear. As it stands anyone in the galaxy with enough funding could be using the monsters.


Maybe they’re from a near by planet does anybody know how close factor is to shear?

"Val recognized it as the Orion arm, the arm that Earth and all of Hub was in the middle of. A handful of blue dots glowed brightly in a line radiating out from Earth.

‘It’s the next colony in the line of attack,’ the director said, pointing to a series of circles. ‘If there is a line of attack. No one knows.’"

We know that Factor and Shear both sit in the Orion arm. We know that if you ‘line’ Factor, Shear, and Earth you get a line of sorts. No clue why they’re even attacking this basic planets. No clue if they’re even aiming for Hub, but it seems the most likely possibility.

Could be Sol Hub themselves funding this. Wouldn’t be the first time a government has massacred its own citizens.

The reason for being in the far arm could be that they’re Beta testing the monsters, as Sol Hub is probably more protected than Shear, plus there’s less resources for an investigation into the matter.

Basically Cabot is the Albert Wesker of this conspiracy theory. xD Makes senses don’t it?



I could see Hub doing this as the only protection they have is that it seems to be aimed at them. If the monsters turn off course though…

@Azmi_Anuar William Cabot torn apart by the loss of his wife swears vengeance on the entire galaxy.

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Sounds like a self righteous Wesker. Confirmed. :stuck_out_tongue: Val is a quadruple agent just like Ada.

Who will be Chris and Claire though? Abe can be Carlos but then Val would be Jill. OMG my head hurts.

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Val is really working for the Basilisk program. After learning about what Hub did to gen III soldiers she began to secretly give information. Little did she know at the time that this would be forcing her into giving information to NORDITA, and EbonStar in order to keep the Basilisks protected.

Don’t know if Evolve has a Chris type character. The closest one I can think of is Parnell. Caira can be Claire :stuck_out_tongue:

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They also taste like chicken!

Funny thing is too that if the Behemoth is the one that came from space the order that we see these monsters may be backwards. Behemoth goes to Wraith, forgoing it’s slower form for faster more agile ones, then gradually sliding back towards a happy medium (Goliath). The lore possibilities are endless.

Unlikely, they have already annihilated Maggie’s home planet (forget the name D=)

Factor… That being said.

They could be the ‘galaxy’s antibodies’. However, I’m pretty sure it’s Aliens due to the history of the game :slight_smile:

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We do know ebon star had one “captured” before the outbreak even happened, by 6 months I think

13 Months.

Thanks for the correction. I have bad memory with that kind of stuff

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No worries. :slight_smile: I’m sometimes jealous of people with less than great memories. My wife, for instance, has the memory of a goldfish. We watch movies that we saw a year or so ago and she will have 0 recollection. I’m both sad and jealous at times about that. I would LOVE to watch a movie again for the first time :frowning:

That would be nice :3 unfortunately my brain tends to remember all the good movies vividly >~<

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That’s one of the theories Caira presents, I believe

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Don’t know who “Albert Wesker” is, but Cabot looks good in those glasses. Makes me want cosmetics even more.