Sooo t4 skins


So I see there are some awesome news skins like Cosmo, sage for other monsters, even jade for behemoth, but other than that there are no skins for new hunters and behemoth only has 1, anyone know eta on skin release?

Note: I don’t really care if you find it a waste of time to buy skins, that’s not what I’m asking


Cosmo? Sage? Jade? These people are going to make me very poor! :smiley:


Soon™? I would think it would take some time to get the skins out… Also I’m gonna buy AAALLL THE SKINS cuz why the heck not.

Throws wallet at TRS



Can someone photoshop Wraith and Cosmo from FoP together for me?

It’s a deep need.


Somebody did something along those lines, as I recall.

…But it’s buried amongst several thousand toxic posts on the most dangerous thread on the forums. I’ll see what I can do for you.


You’re lovely. I hope you find a warm patch of sunlight to bask in tomorrow.


Alright, trawled through all those posts and nothing, sorry. :confused: I do apologize for getting your hopes up.


That’s okay, thank you for your efforts.


Since I failed to find one for you, I tried my best with my terrible, terrible Shotophop knowledge and made on for you, hope it satiates your need for Cosmowraith! :smile:

So do you like it? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s everything I ever hoped for.

Look at what you’ve unleashed on the world. We’ll never be the same. We’ll leave Shear as changed people.

@MacMan Can we make Cosmowraith a thing?


Glad you liked it. :smile:


Behemoth skins must be the pc monster race skins that are shown when you looked at the dlc you bought cause I don’t have any behemoth skins. The only new skins that came out are the savage skins, exterminator skins and the leviathan skins for support


Behemoth jade skin is there. savage kraken (which looks absolutely fucking amazing as fuck) and wraith skins. the cosmo skins are weird pink/purple skins for the original 3.


Cosmo Goliath looks stunning!!!


I am with you man. I have all the skins for this game, I just can’t help myself.


Silly question but what were the PC Monster race skins that are “exclusive for 30 days”


Leviathan skins are so so, I MIGHT get them. As for the new monster skins, I might aswell get ready for butterflies to come out my wallet. Gg TRS, GG.


You know what is amazing? Savage skin on anything!


Yeah the red eyes on that Savage Kraken looks crazy good.


@MacMan what about the Sandstone Skin for Behemoth cant find it ?