Sooo....Is It Wrong That I Do This?


So my stats have been reset, oh well nothing I can do about it other than hope for a tutorial skip option. In the meantime it wouldn’t be considered douchy if little ol lvl 1 me were to pound hunters into oblivion for continued respawn to get my masteries up right? I like to kill em all and just crouch and follow one who foolishly thinks he’s getting away. Even had one laugh and tell me it was amusing to watch the trapper think she was escaping as he saw my Goliath graciously belch fire while I waited for hunter redeployments.


Go for it. But try to teach them along the way


Pound them with tips and tricks on beating you until they can do it flawlessly.


It’s a pain in the ass. I got into a game where my team was less than competent and the monster was doing this. After ten minutes of it, I finally convinced them to suicide to the wildlife. Don’t waste people’s time.


Ummm… Ethically, I don’t know really… but as long nobody took offense, it should be fine.


Should probably just farm whatever you lost in solo.


no it is not wrong. go and play however you like.


What I do - Since there’s an in-game challenge for destroying generators in Hunt, and since you’re not going to do this very often, I will sometimes keep leaving one person alive so I can reach 3 and go for the generator.
Not really leveling my mastery per say, but want to do more generator destruction. It just seems like something they put in for when you have people running at Stage 3, which is fair I suppose.


Yes and you will pay for your crimes!


I wouldn’t say it is completely wrong, but it is a little ethically dubious. Keep in mind that you are affecting the first experiences of people who are (very likely) new to the game. If your first impressions of Evolve were of a monster that trolled you and wasted a lot of your time, how would you feel about the game? Would you keep playing? Would you tell your friends to play?

I’d advocate for decisions that build community, not hurt or diminish it.


I do that too. 10 min games drawn out to 25-27 mins.
A little taste of their own medicine when they like to run away from me as last hunter when I have full health


I have done it countless times so far, yet for any team to be able be make me learn a lesson in blood.


It’s not wrong in that it’s not against the rules but morally it is. I know you have whole “it’s human nature!” thing but when you think about the fact that you are causing 4 potentially good people to have a bad (horrible) time you should feel not good. But like he says, OP, play how you want but you’re a jerk.


wait a minute. i am neither dictating how people should behave in online games nor the entertainer of a group of people. i am not the jerk here.


No thats just playing with your food :smiley:


I wouldn’t draw things out against new players - don’t scare away new Hunters.


yeah… in 15 years i never played a game for the first time and was like… hey that dude is a real jerk. better quit this game because of him.



I do it all the time.

Or I leave one alive and severely wounded. I just follow him around the map killing the predators so he can’t go kill himself.


It’s a toxic tactic that will impact another player’s experience possibly increasing your break because they ragequit and in the long run harming the player base of this game, possibly even inspiring them to use this tactic at a later time making the new player experience bad. This is a response based on the facts, not opinion or feelings.

Just play solo to farm skills if you want to do this. It’s much quicker and easier to work the AI instead of waiting on players. The only time I’ve ever done this is when I want the objective victory in Hunt instead of for incapacitating (There’s an achievement for 10 reactor kills). I could kill the last hunter but instead I’ll let them go and kill the reactor.


Well considering the amount of people being reset I would venture to guess that there is a good chance that one of those level 1’s are actually a level 40 reset.

Maybe he is here to stomp on a cocky monster?