Sooo.. If this handball team wins.. I have to work until 1am.. On a sunday


Hold me, forum-goers.
This is gonna suck.


Time to get flused from your toilet


Cries deeply


Handball? God, I love that game.

Like, not watching it though. Playing it is so much more fun. Especially with how tall I am.


Well, they won.
R.I.P me.
Goodbye world.



Welp, good luck working, I guess.

And to add a tiny bit insult, have fun!

I’m a terrible person. And I love it.


flush flush flush. Say hello the the gators down there


Danish people suck at handball. We even invented the game back the in the days… which just makes it more embarrassing.

@ToiletWraith At least you’ll get paid, right?


I’ll get paid…
I’ll use the money for a therapist… I’ve got a billion stickers on my face and I folded over 4500 shirts…


Hello world.
My name is TW, and I need therapy.
I think
I’m fine. ;w;


Are those inspector stickers? If so I think you have been “inspected” way too many times my friend and would seek the nearest adult. <.<



God, the unhinged smile only adds to the effect. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a very special person.