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The Salamander

The Salamander is unnerving monster to say the least. Uncannily it carries out most of its activities while completely comatose able to sense, move and take out prey. But don’t let its normally sumbering nature fool you, if awakened it will unleash its other nature from the energy it’s been saving: a baleful beast with a fiery temper that will make you rue the day you decided to take it on, it will roll over you with a flurry strikes and until all its attackers are dead. In either state it turn its surroundings into a swamp-like area bubbling and seething with gas that leaks from its skin as it when spends time just beneath the surface of the ground.

The Salamander looks like it spend most of its time trawling through sewage and rotting plant material, the skin on its back and outer parts of its limbs is sporadically covered with segmented armor that has a thick almost wood-bark like texture, between the armor and its underside it has warty bumpy skin that is slick with some type of mucus.
Its armor is especially thick around the shoulder and neck area creating a sort of shell, where surprising it features two heads. Only one head is out of this semi-shell and active at a time. One head seems to always be asleep, but when it retracts into the shell the other head appears and its fiery eyes blaze with what only can be described as a groggy, baleful fury. Its eyes are sunken into its skull which protects them while burrowed and gives its face a sinister look. One side of each head is slightly flattened from rubbing against each other.
It has a serpentine lizard body structure with four legs and two arms though it spends most of its time on all six limbs limbs. Its tail is fat and weighty acting as a counterbalance for when it stands on its hind legs in combat.
It also appears that it may be able to breath through its skin or at least it is permeable, as it has the ability to forcefully expel gas through its skin, if enough mucus has built up on its skin this will result in a flurry of bubbles. The gases contained within these bubbles are extremely volatile and explosively react if the mucus barrier is ruptured to introduced oxygen.
The side of its abdomen from its shoulder to hips features a layer of wrinkled skin which functions like a lateral line allowing the monster to sense vibrations while underground.
The back features a long tube that appears to look like plant life at a quick glance, but is actually a breathing orifice, this is used when the monster is burrowing underground to breathe. With each stage its back rises more and more out of the ground when it’s burrowed. At stage one only its nose can be seen, at stage 3 a large portion of its back can be seen looking like a huge mound of dirt. While this monster has a very high amount of amor almost rivaling the Behemoth, comparatively its health is very low.


PASSIVE: Sleeping Giant: This monster enters a sleep state while above 25% armor, causing it to take 5% reduced dmg. When the monsters Armor is destroyed, it will Wake losing the dmg reduction but gaining 5% BA dmg and 5% MS towards Hunters.

The Salamander digs just beneath the ground gaining MS at the expenditure of its stamina gauge. It costs the Salamander a small portion of this gauge to start burrowing. While burrowing it can pass through wildlife, plant and Hunter units, can also climb while underground. Burrowing leaves disturbed earth for a short duration, and it always leaves slightly disturbed earth on top of it around its nose.
Coding workarounds: make monster unit completely invisible, and modify the ground’s appearance at and behind it’s location, and make it ignore unit collision.

Methane Bubbles
Salamander releases a swarm of bubbles from its skin that float in the air around and ahead of it. If hunters or wildlife deal enough damage to them, touch them or the monster BA’s them, they explode dealing AoE damage. (Awake: grants 10% AS for each bubble hit)

Salamander yawns/roars dealing damaging in a cone ahead of it, releasing a cloud of gas around it that reduces sight radii and slows hunters and jet packs by 25% (Sleep: deals DoT, gains 2% damage reduction within the AoE).

Salamnder shed its skin forming a controllable clone out of it, leaving its body, which takes reduced damage. Re-activation causes the Salamander to follow the same path and actions (abilities, BA’s) bursting Bubbles in your wake. (Awake: no dmg reduction, recast moves at 2x/2.5/3x speed). Clone can use Traversal, Rumble and BA, but doesn’t burst Bubbles.

Salamander immediately rolls to the right or left, if underground it damage knock the 1st unit it touches into the air (Awake: will damage and knock all units in an AoE into the air)

Design Concept
This monster is normally in a deep sleep and resists damage while it still moves subconsciously, if awoke it becomes a berserker and loses defenses.

bubbles, gas, sleepwalk, rumble
Awake-> bubble, sleepwalk, BA, rumble, BA

Inspiration: volcanoes, swamps, swamps creatures, sleep, sleeping snot bubbles, morning breath, rolling over in sleep, two face, people getting mad when they get woken up, berserker


If you drew that by yourself, great job.


i did thank you


Movement; Aside from the older issues of getting stuck on a tree branch, I thought both monster and hunter movement made sense for what the game was trying to accomplish. Monster had the mobility advantage, but not so much that the hunters couldn’t catch him if they were communicating and thinking.

Skill-floor; Hard one for me to quantify. As it’s been previously mentioned, communicating is key for the hunters. I think that needed to be somehow stressed. Granted, not every player in the world actually wants to talk, but being a hunter is truly co-op. But, for both monster and hunters, more tutorials, and maybe some more fleshed out ai to practice against. Harder opponents tend to produce better learning, and a lot of people do like to practice against bots.

Environments; Both, imo. Stage 2 made the levels more accessible in some ways, but seriously crippled the sneak game with the orbital scan and removal of a lot of foliage. I think a balance was needed.

Individual Characters; One thing that would have helped is if the dev team was better able to adjust balance. I know some environments of play restricted how often changes could be made. The balance changes were often huge, making the game either completely monster favored, or completely hunter favored. One thought I had for monsters is that they could have 1 or 2 more abilities and maybe 2 passive options, and after you see the hunter comp you’re up against you can tailor your ability choices for that. Aggressive chase comp? Include more traversal-like abilities. Damage comp? Go damage as well. Balanced comp? Be balanced. Or, just always pick your favorites. To give the same flexibility to the hunters, maybe have each hunter possess 2 or 3 passive abilities they can choose after they know what they’re facing. Then perks are picked after all that…? It’s a thought.

Power gaps; I don’t have any thoughts on this section at this time. It’s gone from feeling just right, to terrible, to “oh my god I’m so powerful”. Just a lot of testing and tweaking needed.

There’s my 2 cents worth. Thanks for reading.