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Tagging @MaddCow…I sniff a challenge I’d like to see!

Sadly though, Maddie is kinda in the middle of a move so it may be a while.

Also, Legacy does give the game a horror-esque feel. You never know when a monster is hiding in the bush and can leap right out of nowhere to pounce you.


But Stage 2 also has bushes right? I have Stage 2, tho i kno that for some reason its also possible to get legacy. I wonder why they’d do that if they are very different and if u have one u can’t play with someone who has the other.

omg bushes are gone?! What!? that kinda sucks, stealth should still be kinda an option, just not at stage 3

I say in the new version add bushes back in, but them small so a Stage 3 Monster can’t hide in them, and maybe so some of the smaller monsters can hide in them at stage 2.

If the planet Scanner must stay, then it should only scan a portion of the map of the Hunter’s chosing, leave it to them to use their skill to figure out where the Monster might be.


In case anyone was wondering what could have happened if Evolve had continued heres a post that has a lot of what would have been the official story with concept art and design and notes

Thanks @Rapterror

here’s some more info tho i have yet to read through it

Thanks @Takran

[Stage 2 Kali Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve

I certainly haven’t and fear the day I do




shrugs Didn’t think of that. Lets uh… just forget the part about the hunter starting seperate, or if they do, give them a few areas to hide in if the monster is near. Like bunkers or outposts that only a stage 3 monster can destroy.
That’d actually be kinda interesting now that I think about it…


I’m not Takran…


I dunno… we’ve never been seen in the same room.


Yeah that does sound interesting. I was gonna say that hiding is moot if the monster can smell u, but a bunker works nice, or crawl spaces that are gaps in walls or just little caves that only hunters can fit through, that only and S3 monster can break into


Have you guys been paying attention to Paragon? I know the situation is quite a bit different, but maybe you could ask whoever has the rights to the files if u can use them. They aren’t going to use them anymore might as well give them to the fans right?


We’ve been over that particular subject a few times, it appears to be a non starter, and I don’t think is what the creators of this thread have in mind.


He’s right, we don’t. I want the IP to be 100% of our own design, so there’s no Copyright issues later down the road.


k i look forward to see what u come up with…does that mean that you won’t use Sledgepainters Monster designs then?


For now, no. I have no need for it (yet).


Read through the 2nd link i posted its got a lot of useful information on what could have been the future of evolve


In terms of the map and how sometimes the game could turn into a running simulator, you could add weather effects that are harmful to the monster or both the hunter and the monster that closes of a section of the map if the Intensity lv has dropped too much (intensity lv would drastically increase at stage 2 because its probaby ok for the monster to run at least at stage 1, but fights should happen at stage 2)

could also bring back the tracking trapjaws, if the monster isn’t quiet enough when it walks by a trapjaw nest/cave/territory it aggravates them, and after a certain amount of time passes they will start running towards the monster and just take its next kill. If the Hunters see them they can follow them.

Weather effects could include hail storms, poison fog, forest wild fires, a horde of aggressive wildlife, floods…ect

this would close off and area to the Monster and decrease the amount of space to run which increases the chance of an encounter.

I think you should bring the parachute camera ammo back, you could make it a switch able tool for the hunters between a smaller radius planet scanner and parachute cameras