Sooo I need some community input



If u give credit to TRS as the original creator u wouldn’t get sued right? Besides the publisher straight up gave up on the game, and Im sure TRS would be pleased to see someone trying to carry on their project. The publisher doesn’t really have the right to sue, and the creators wouldn’t care (especially if u aren’t making money off it)


ME TWO!! hopefully you guys have seen some of my work and like it


Ok if it replaces the Jetpack then its a different story: it not too strong if every hunter could get it IF its replacing the Jetpack, interesting


Back on the topic of balancing specific characters. I am not sure how I’d put stealth back into Wraith’s kit(set of abilities)

perhaps with a type of Camo: Wraith would be invisible to all units except those within a certain radius, and if she takes damage it causes a shimmer effect on her.

But ive been doing some thinking on Bob and what you had to say about him having too many skillshots and not enough mindless abilities
Heres what I’ve come up with

Lava Bombs
Now knock Hunters to the ground if in the Air

This addition will be explained later

Rock Rampart (or Rock Ramp)

The Behemoth erects a massive, curved ramp of rock in front of itself, dealing light damage to targets in the way. The wall lasts about 6 seconds and serves as an effective blockade to keep Hunters away or to separate one Hunter from the rest. The Rock Ramp will knock any and all units towards touched by the Ramp upwards towards Behemoth, and shoves hunters away caught on the outer edge, terrain can create gaps in the wall. The Ramp also features a “Peak” that extends the ability’s range a bit further. Once the Ramp its fully erected it will crumble away leaving only the wall.

Damage: 288/296/317
Height: 19.6/24.5/32.4m (9 below ground)
Range: (what is the range?)
Slabs of Rock: 3/5/9
Cooldown: 8 seconds

I decided to redesign the ability like this for a few reasons. One it can be easy as a skill shot to just miss the abilily and wall off a target instead of trapping them, making it more of an AoE Ability that pulls in ALL targets makes it so while you still have to aim the ability it will be harder to effectively miss, making it more “mindless.” Furthermore while Tongue Grab is an Iconic ability Behemoth can live or die by it with the thin skillshot being the best effective means for the slow beast to get on a nimble target, if it is missed the big boy misses out on a lot of damage. This new version of Rock Wall can replace Tongue Grab altogether, and make room for a more interesting ability that will suit his needs and further fill the mindless quota

Addtionally FOR being a tank the Behemoth has already has a long range ability in the form of Lava Bombs, but being that Tongue Grab would be removed in this kit(collection of abilities) Behemoth needs at away to stop hunters who are in tricky positions in the air. Lava Bombs knocking Hunters down will fill Behemoth’s needs to stop Hunters from escaping or avoiding his damage too easily, and is essential since Tongue Grab is being removed in this kit.

Finally Behemoths abilities will now combo together much better now, as either Lava Bombs can lead into Rock Rampart or vise versa, and then can be followed up with Fissure.

I feel like out of all Behemoths abilities, Tongue Grab is the most problematic, and Rock Wall and Lava Bomb are just too iconic with Fissure just being too vital to how he works.

Its also important to note that if ANY unit touches the ramp they always get knocked up and towards Behemoth. I’ve added a lil black dot to signify how that works


If I’m looking at it from Evolve’s gameplay, jet packs would be better in combat while grappling hooks would be better for the chase.

It might actually make you an easy target in combat. It wouldn’t be great for dodging anything too fast but be great at getting the hell out of dodge if you needed to escape in general.


(While its harder to code, it would be alot cooler)
Her invisibility causes a slight shimmer efffect around her.

Bending light and stuff.
I love that behemoth idea, abilities which are designed to help the monster.

Now all you need is a contract fron 2K about not copyright striking anything you make


They didn’t get rid of the Tyrant, they couldn’t add it.


@Chickenprotector Sorry for the delay in my response. I’m no big pro player, but I ain’t the worst either so I’ll try to give my perspective from an average player’s POV.

That said, I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t quite found the time to get into it. Don’t worry I’ll make sure to make it comprehensive and hopefully it gives you some insight in the struggles that comes with 4v1


Y? Too much damage for an AI?


For Wraith they could also make it so she only turns invisible for a very short duration like 1-3 sec, so its harder for Hunters to tell which one is which


Do u guys think the Kraken should also gradually descend to the ground if in the air in combat? IK that Hunter CC also brings him down but if he gradually comes to the ground outside of combat why wouldn’t that rule be the same in combat?


He does descend while in combat…I always had issues keeping him airborn enough.


I feel something Evolve was missing is a fear factor. What I mean to say, is the hunters shouldn’t feel like they’re fearless warriors, they should have reason to fear the monster. I want to be able to be some kind of horrifying abomination (like the host) creeping around in the shadows and trees, and sneakily snatch a hunter from the group without them noticing. When they do notice, they’d panic and start making mistakes.
You know what I mean? Like how the Xenomorph in Alien picked people off one by one, while instilling a sense of horror and dread,


That was entirely in the monster’s control.

In Stage 2 especially, if you applied enough pressure, the entire team would panic and make mistakes, getting everyone killed.


Well thats exactly whats the Wraith was supposed to be tho.
But keep in mind the sneaky stealth killing really only works for Wraith and maybe Possibly Gorgon, because smart Hunters know to stick together. Additionally the Monsters are pretty big and easy to spot thats part of what makes them balanced. Furthermore the maps are set up to allow Hunters to see whats going on, and trackers have moves to find the monster.

The sneak killing wouldn’t really work for Kraken, Goliath, and Behemoth (i mean Bob can pick off and isolate a target very nicely with Tongue Grab and Rock wall or with my updated combo version: Rock Rampart, but its not gonna be quiet). For some monsters just being an mindless beast, eldritch dark magic horror, or unkillable tank is supposed to be enough to fill a monster niche/ player monster archetype.

In terms of just straight up fear? well ill explain
The problem is that Monster’s only REALLY wanted to fight at S3. Monsters didn’t give off that fear factor because for the majority they would just run and feed and avoid the Hunters, until the big battle at the end. The Hunters were largely in control because the Monster’s goal was to survive and avoid the Hunters until S3, so the Hunter’s set the pace of the game NOT the Monster by being good trackers and Domer’s. For the most part unless the Monster was at S3 when the Hunters threw a Dome it wasn’t the sense for the Monster that:
"I’m not trapped in here with you, YOUR in here trapped with ME!"

Thats probably what it should have felt like in some cases at least at S2 some what and DEF at S3 (but thats besides the point and makes the argument moot as at that point who cares, and not many Hunters are doming at that point anyways, unless the Monster is low and about to run)

But it DIDN’T feel that way the monster would try to get a few downs, but get the HECK out of there once the Dome was down at S1-S2. They only stayed around if they thought they could take down ALL the hunters.

Were there ANY games where the Monster would actively try to pick off or fight Hunters B4 stage 3? I actually LAMENT trying to find Wraith Games where that happens, cause everyone wants to wait until S3, and if the Hunter’s KNOW thats whats the Monster Player is gonna do then they aren’t scary especially if they are running. The fear you speak of only occurs if
1.) the Hunter’s aren’t aware of where the Monster is
2.) the Hunter’s don’t know what the Monster is up to and there is a chance the monster could be actively Hunting them
3.) they are afraid they can’t kill the monster B4 it kills them

The issue is that the Monster ISN’T all that encouraged to try and take out Hunter’s early, unless they want a REALLY fast evolution rate as fighting and downing does give progression towards Evolution. But they can just feed slowly and get to S3, and thats what the mostly do.

Additionally Hunters have ways to track the Monster and in the Stage 2 version they have the global tracker which tells them exactly what direction the Monster is in (added because Monsters would always FT3) And there has to be balance so that the Hunters always have a chance to kill the monster

I’m NOT sure what could be done to give Evolve more of a fear factor, the Monsters are supposed to be weak at S1 to give hunters a chance to feel strong, like they have a chance, and it IS a chance if they are smart/good to get some early damage on the Monster’s HP. Thats just how the game is Balanced for when the Monster is SUPER strong at S3. Perhaps they could just make S2’s evolve rate SO BAD when ONLY feeding and give it a LARGE boost for downing a Hunter that Monsters would be more strongly encouraged to at least fight a lil at S2. Maybe the Evolve Boost happens instantly or just buffs the Wildlife feeding evolve rate for a short duration. Maybe then they could then also get rid of the Global tracker (can someone explains how that works again?)

I could be wrong tho, my perceptions could be entirely off based on @SledgePainter 's and @Chickenprotector 's responses


That makes sense, but even still, I never felt properly scared playing as hunter. (Think something like the fear people feel in amnesia or alien isolation) Maybe monster could’ve spawned farther away from the hunters, while all four hunters spawned in a random area of the map. You’d have to tweak some things, but I feel that would boost the fear a little bit, as everyone would be jumping at shadows while trying to regroup. Might not be the best idea, but that’s just my thought right now.


That would definitely be interesting, the issue is tho, if the Monster finds hunter before the hunters team up, a lone hunter is guaranteed dead due to the Monster’s ability to Sneak Pounce which will pin the Hunter, and then the Monster will just beat on them until their dead. Is this ok? Does this feel fair to the Hunter?



I don’t think you should feel scared as a Hunter because it’s not a horror game, it’s a boss fight game. If the hunters feel scared it means the game isn’t balanced well enough. Leave scary to coop and single player games, where having a difficult opponent that keeps you on edge can work with different types of balancing that a multiplayer game can’t employ.


You clearly have not faced @MaddCow in combat…


Actually I think this guy has pretty much the right idea. Tho I do feel that Wraith kinda edges into that theme that @Shroober1 wants, IF the Monster player wants to do it like that they CAN, but its just not gonna be exactly how Shroober1 wants it to be.

@SledgePainter I’d like to see that. I’m redownloading the game now, should have better specs now