Sooo... Gorgon change didn't make it to patch?


I can still easily destroy all deployables with Acid spit


Did you play on solo play?


I believe they said “acid pools” as in, when you hit a deployable directly with Acid Spit, it will break, but if I deploy something after you’re done I can do it in the acid pool without it breaking.




Enter multiplayer once. Balance updates need you to connect to the multiplayer servers, I believe. Also what Forge said might be true.

With Legacy you could play the release build in solo, as long as you didn’t enter multiplayer.


Will try, thanks


You are right


Not sure I get this. Who is going to deploy something in the acid pool as that means you are at risk of being IN the acid pool which is exactly where you dont want to be.

Unless EMET I suppose but that change woudnt help Bucket or Sunny.

Has the change been confirmed that spit still destroys deployables?


The Acid Pools have a continuous damaging effect- before, I could toss down a deployable, Gorgon would Acid Spit past it but the pool would still linger over it so it would create a pool, which destroyed the deployable.

Now, Gorgon has to actually use the Acid Spit itself to destroy something, sort of like Fire Breath, instead of just spitting past it. It makes it less potent for deployable destruction.


This must be why sunny’s drone is staying up a bit longer now then it used to?

Usually I just fire some ability at the drone or other deployable and I can be assured it will die a slow painful death and just keep trucking on my rampage of destruction. But then I see the focused target still tinted blue and I wonder why.

No longer.