Sooo.... Diablo 4

TL;DR: Short ramble; Diablo 4 announced, looks awesome, but as a fan I’ll wait and see how the game shapes up when its released in several years before I buy it or not.

Considering how much I got burned when I pre-ordered D3, I’m gonna hold off on buying it despite being a huge Diablo fan. Blizzard’s been on my shitlist for a while now too.

They put in a lot of effort this time and it damn well shows. Given they’re going back to the roots and eliminated the terrible cartoon artstyle (mostly - from what I saw), it thawed my icy deposition as a hardcore Diablo fan a little, especially given my hatred of Diablo III. I still want to see people’s opinions on it when it gets released in a few years before I buy it or not.

The combat looks great, especially with the Druid tidbit I saw in the gameplay trailer. A bit disappointed with the class selection, but hell, I’ll wait and see.

Edit: That and the music is very reminiscent of Diablo/Doom (reminds me mostly of Doom).


I only heard recently about Diablo 4.

My Dad and I loved Diablo 3 (I never really got too far into the others and barely played Path of Exiles) so I’m holding high hopes for this one but I’m still going to be cautious.

Will just wait and see the reviews for it first after it’s released and see if the general vibe is either “They actually tried with this one!” or “F##K YOU GIVE ME MONEY!!!”

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Played through it, but it was forgettable for me. I didn’t even bother buying RoS, that’s how bad it was, it didn’t have the same hook that Diablo II had. As a game, it was decent. But as a Diablo game, it fell flat on its face for me.

Also: PoE, couldn’t get into it, Grim Dawn, worth every penny I spent on it. Haven’t touched it in a while, but loved the game.

Why is that? I know they’ve shown three so far but there’s guaranteed to be at least one more (need a dex class) and I’ve heard there will be 5 classes on release.

Or are you not a fan of the sorcerer/barbarian?

I enjoyed my time with Diabo 3, but only really with the campaign and the lower levels. Once I got to the ‘endgame’, it really started to lack depth and fun in my opinion: build selection for running high-level content was very limited (use this set rolled for these stats with these skills and these rings rolled for these stats, etc), and I also started to tire a bit of the more cartoony things (the first few times running through whimsidale were kinda funny, but it got really dumb and boring really quick)

Diablo 4 has me cautiously optimistic. It looks a lot better, they’ve said they’re gonna return to the gory roots (which that trailer — which is fucking amazing btw, holy shit that last bit was pure visual and audio pornography — more than showed), and some of the designs and gameplay looks dope. That said, I’m very hesitant as well, because a) some interviews have already reviewed some worrying stuff (they mentioned simplifying gear even more. NO, DON’T DO THAT, THAT WAS WHAT SUCKED ABOUT D3), b) it’s blizzard-ACTIVISION, so how they are going to monetize it will have to be seen, and c) the whole Hong Kong situation hasn’t subsided with me either, so I’m currently still not willing to spend even a cent on them; hope they give me reasons to do so eventually

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Variety is better, it also gives Activision/Blizzard to pull the “pay for access to the class” card later. I don’t support those types of practices. I don’t mind them, they were fun to play in their own way.

While I agree, that’s not something that has a place in the thread. Let’s stick to the game’s merits, not the companies politics. D4’s art style looks miles better than D3’s ever was. And you’re right, it’s why I’m reserving judgement before that. I’m not about to pre-order it because of how badly I got burned last time. I’ll wait a week or two after the initial launch and take an objective look at it from multiple sources. I got burned with D3. Hard.

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Oh they’ll definitely sell class dlcs later. They’ll just release with a minimum of 1 of each stat class. From what I heard they will release with 5 classes though

The only question in my mind is whether we get new dex classes, old ones or a dex and a str class.


Oh I understand, and I wasn’t planning on bringing it in any further; just explaining my reasoning as to why I’m current hesitant

Some gameplay footage.

Looks very promising. I’m still worried about build variety, but everything else looks awesome. Still waiting to see how the stats system comes out.

" When it comes to combat statistics, we’ve simplified the math problem. Players should spend more time thinking about stats that change how they play rather than solving arithmetic. Attack and Defense will be your bread and butter; one stat for increasing your damage, and one stat for decreasing damage taken."

They will add more stats like atck speed etc, but still this doesn’t sound really promising.

The game is prolly years before release so lots of things can change/happen i’m just not optimistic anymore with actiblizz. They show off really great things, but once you reach endgame it just…ya know…

Lacks depth. Yeah, I know.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of it either… however that could just reflect the respective offensive/defensive capabilities of your character overall, not damage of this type, etc. It’s just how the game is evolving, personally, I can see why they did it at the end of the day, I don’t like it, but I can see why.

Example: Increased Attack Speed & Faster Cast Rate; They served the same purpose in Diablo II, just for different things; one for melee/weapon characters, the other for casters to be able to spam. You can combine that.

Doing away with resistances and the like kills a vital RPG element, and that’s a big no-no. I haven’t seen anything about stats yet or how they’ll interact with the player and their build, which is something that turned me off from D3, coupling that with the clunky ass skill system.

Anyway, out of all the magic prefixes and suffixes how many of them are truly relevant in-game, had the most desirable effects for end-game items in a sufficient form for use. About half of them were rendered irrelevant when 1.11 came around.

Granted I share your concerns, but looking at it objectively, it’s still in the planning stages of development and literally less than 5% done at the moment. Things’ll change, I hope they will anyway. Overall, its a huge step forward from the shitshow Diablo 3 was compared to its predecessor.

The Lead Dev after doing some light research sounds is a guy who’s been open in the past about balancing the Starcraft competitive scene, so he’s got a history of listening to the community and what they want. Some things’ll definitely change.

Plus, as you said, this game seems quite some time away. And D3 changed a lot during its development as well, so nothing shown currently should be taken as set in stone

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Yeap that’s what i’m hoping for as well.

My big issues with D3 was never the art style, it was primarily them screwing over the lore and story. After that was the over saturation of love with ‘elite packs’ instead of boss farming or something clever. Those were my 2 gripes followed by stagnant end game content.

I can’t forgive how much they butchered the story. What a shitty way to send of Cain. Why even bring back people from the first game just to have a plot twist that wasn’t even really much of a surprise in the end… Ughh…

It would have been so much more personal and deep if Cain was the final Diablo boss in the game. He used the crystal because it was better to have him lose his soul then to fall into the hands of the enemies. Then during the final fight whenever he would get wounded/invulnerable his ‘human’ side would come out and repeat phrases you heard throughout the other games.

Instead we get this crappy boss that I had 0 attachment or care for and after an act that was woefully short and lame. Like… how has Hell not conquered Heaven before. Heaven seems pretty shit with their defenses… :frowning:

mmm… just read through this

While most of the world is socially open, certain, smaller parts of each region are campaign specific. Once the campaign objectives have been completed, those areas will also dynamically open to other players. This means you might see another party of adventurers pass you by or you could organically stumble into an event or World Boss other players are already battling. You won’t need to party up to enjoy these activities; whether you decide to join the fray or continue your own journey, that decision remains yours.

pretty much guarantees it’s gonna be always online.

These days, games with a multiplayer aspect usually are always online already; the bigger question here is if there’s a true solo player mode, though I believe they already confirmed something like that

Yeah it just seems like it’s gonna be like Diablo 3 where your ping and connection quality will affect you even while playing solo.

I was hoping for MHW or Vermintide 2 type multiplayer. The difference between MHW or Vermintide 2 and Diablo 3 is that in MHW solo can be played offline and in VT2 as long as you have a connection you can play solo without any problem though if your internet drops you’ll be booted. Diablo 3 would have rubber banding or delayed input if you had a bad ping or dropped packets.

Diablo 3 and blizzard/ games in general didn’t agree with my ISP even when I had good internet. Found out that I was getting 100% packet loss at some point in the route.

Now I’m on satellite so I’ll have to pass if it’s like diablo 3 was.

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It’s early dev. They did say something about it being able to do a pure solo experience as well if I remember correctly. I’m wondering how they’ll handle over-world encounters in that instance. Easiest thing to do would be to cut them for that mode, but then you’ll be missing out on content.

I’m pretty sure that in the panel they said it will ALWAYS be online. Yes you can play solo but you still have to be online.

Yeah but I’m expecting it to be the shitty always online that diablo 3 was versus the less shitty always online that vermintide 2 is.